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  • Overview

    An immersive and interactive pricing training program, where we will guide you through the latest best practices, examine real-world case studies, and introduce cutting-edge technologies and analytics to elevate your Spare Parts Pricing to new heights.

    Our comprehensive training will tackle all the critical pricing challenges, empowering you to gain better control over the complexities of spare parts.

    Led by Accenture's seasoned experts, this 1.5-day training allows you to define and implement a robust Spare Parts pricing strategy. Join us on this journey to pricing excellence.

    Embark on a journey to understand the Spare Parts Industry's best practices on performance-related pricing & condition systems and gain actionable insights on price determination methods, such as value-pricing, market-pricing, or ratio-pricing.

    Explore best practices, real-world examples, and the latest technologies and analytics to advance Spare Parts Pricing during this intensive and interactive training!


    Our Participant Profile

    This training is tailored for individuals seeking to enhance their expertise in the latest best practices in Spare Parts Pricing. It's ideal for:

    • Global and local pricing managers
    • Financial experts and controllers
    • Marketing directors
    • Product managers
    • Key account managers

    In fact, it's designed to benefit anyone looking to establish a strong foundation in spare parts (and services) pricing or elevate their pricing skills through a dynamic 1.5-day training.


  • Delve into best practices, analyze real-world examples, and get insight into the latest technologies and analytics to elevate Spare Parts Pricing. Navigate spare parts complexities, master the tools to seize pricing opportunities, and gain better control.


    1. Understand Fundamentals of Spare Parts Pricing

    • Analyze existing pricing data to identify key trends and factors impacting parts pricing.
    • Develop a clear understanding of the value proposition of spare parts.
    • Apply pricing concepts to real-world scenarios to understand their practical implications.
    • Share knowledge and insights on spare parts pricing fundamentals with colleagues and stakeholders.

    2. Deep Dive into Pricing Power, Trends, Waterfall, Approaches

    • Evaluate the impact of pricing power on parts pricing strategies.
    • Analyze pricing trends in the automotive industry to identify opportunities and challenges.
    • Understand the waterfall approach to parts pricing and its applications.
    • Explore various pricing approaches and methodologies to determine the most suitable one for a given situation.
    • Develop a comprehensive understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of different pricing approaches.

    3. Learn to set the Pricing Strategy

    • Define your organizational strategy for parts pricing.
    • Analyze market conditions, competitor pricing, and customer demand to inform pricing strategy.
    • Develop a pricing strategy that aligns with business objectives and market dynamics.
    • Communicate the pricing strategy to all relevant stakeholders.
    • Monitor the effectiveness of the pricing strategy and make adjustments as needed.

    4. Understand Price Positioning, Price Architecture, Methods

    • Identify key factors that influence the price positioning of spare parts.
    • Design a price architecture that reflects the value of different spare parts.
    • Choose appropriate pricing methods for different types of spare parts.
    • Apply pricing methods to set prices for individual spare parts.
    • Evaluate the effectiveness of pricing methods and make adjustments as needed.

    5. Gain Deep Insight Into Market- & Value-based Parts Pricing

    • Conduct thorough research on market-based and value-based pricing strategies.
    • Analyze market data and customer preferences to identify market-based pricing opportunities.
    • Assess the value proposition of different spare parts to determine their value-based pricing.
    • Develop pricing strategies that balance market-based and value-based principles.
    • Implement market-based and value-based pricing strategies effectively.

    6. Differentiate Pricing Methods

    • Compare different pricing methods, such as cost-plus, value-based, and competitive-based pricing.
    • Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of each pricing method in different situations.
    • Choose the most appropriate pricing method for a given spare part or market segment.
    • Justify: Explain the rationale for choosing a particular pricing method to stakeholders.
    • Evaluate the effectiveness of pricing methods and make adjustments as needed.

    7. Choose the Best Spare Parts Pricing Tools: Excel, Software or AI?

    • Research available spare parts pricing tools, including Excel, software, and AI-based solutions.
    • Evaluate the features, functionalities, and pricing of different tools.
    • Consider the specific needs and requirements of the organization.
    • Pilot test different tools to assess their effectiveness and suitability.
    • Implement the most suitable pricing tool to optimize parts pricing.

    8. Understand Regional Pricing, Gray Markets, Currency

    • Research the impact of regional pricing, gray markets, and currency fluctuations on parts pricing.
    • Analyze data on regional pricing trends, gray market activity, and currency movements.
    • Develop pricing strategies that address regional pricing, gray market competition, and currency risks.
    • Monitor market conditions and make adjustments to pricing strategies as needed.
    • Communicate pricing strategies to all relevant stakeholders to ensure alignment.

    9. Customer Conditions & Terms

    • Analyze and gain insights from customer contracts, agreements, and terms and conditions.
    • Assess existing customer conditions and terms to identify areas for improvement.
    • Draft new or revised customer conditions and terms based on best practices and industry standards.
    • Collaborate with customers to negotiate favorable and mutually beneficial customer conditions and terms.
    • Execute new or revised customer conditions and terms effectively and consistently.

    10. Pricing Organization, Governance & Processes

    • Evaluate the current structure, governance, and processes of the pricing organization.
    • Redesign and implement a new pricing organization structure, governance, and processes that align with business objectives and strategies.
    • Establish clear roles, responsibilities, and accountabilities for pricing activities.
    • Document pricing processes and procedures to ensure clarity, consistency, and compliance.
    • Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the pricing organization, governance, and processes.

    11. Price Implementation & Communication

    • Develop comprehensive price implementation plans that address all aspects of pricing change management.
    • Communicate price changes to customers, stakeholders, and internal teams.
    • Educate customers about the value proposition of new or revised pricing models.
    • Manage customer concerns and objections related to price changes.
    • Monitor the impact of price changes on customer behavior and sales performance.

    12. Implementation Rules, Value Selling

    • Identify key pricing implementation rules and guidelines.
    • Develop pricing implementation playbooks and checklists.
    • Train sales teams on pricing implementation rules and value selling techniques.
    • Validate pricing implementation rules and value selling approaches through pilot programs.
    • Adopt effective pricing implementation rules and value selling practices across the organization.

    13. Pricing Analytics & Dashboards (PowerBi & Tableau)

    • Collect pricing data from various sources, including sales orders, customer contracts, and market intelligence.
    • Analyze pricing data to identify trends, patterns, and insights.
    • Visualize pricing data using Power BI or Tableau dashboards to make insights more accessible and actionable.
    • Communicate pricing insights to stakeholders using clear and concise reports and presentations.
    • Use pricing insights to optimize pricing strategies and decision-making.

    14. Personal Action Plan

    • Set goals for your pricing learning and development.
    • Create a plan for how you will learn and implement the skills and knowledge you gain from your pricing action learning activities.
    • Take action to implement your pricing action plan and track your progress.
    • Reflect on your learning and development journey and identify areas for improvement.


  • Avatar

    Strategy Principal Director Accenture
    Daniel Lindner 

    Daniel works as a Strategy Principal Director in the European Pricing & Commercial Excellence team at Accenture. He specializes in achieving measurable and sustainable success through cutting-edge pricing strategies.

    With a track record spanning back to 2012, Daniel has successfully led over 100 consulting projects in pricing. His academic foundation includes studies in International Management and Marketing (M.Sc.) at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, complemented by valuable experience at renowned consulting firms.

    As a dedicated trainer in the EPP Price Manager Certificates program, Daniel imparts his expertise to pricing professionals. He frequently takes the stage as a speaker, sharing insights, and regularly contributes thought leadership through publications on Commercial Excellence. Beyond his professional engagements, he is a passionate long-distance runner.


    Strategy Manager Accenture
    Vitali Bauer 

    Vitali Bauer works as a Strategy Manager in the European Pricing Team at Accenture. Since 2016, he has led more than 30 consulting projects for clients from various industries with a focus on the sectors Industrial, Mobility and Automotive. Additionally to his consulting experience, he worked as Pricing Manager at a global manufacturer of forklift trucks. His focus topics are pricing strategy, price modelling & optimization, and AI and data-driven pricing. He has won several consulting awards for his pricing projects.

  • Dates & Fees

    Start : 09 Apr 2024 at 09:00
    Duration : 1.5 days
    Location : Barcelona (NH Collection Barcelona Constanza)
    Fees : €1695.00


    15% discount if you register with 2
    25 % discount if you register with 3 or more
    10% discount for our CPM Alumni
    €300 discount on certification programs for EPP Prime Members
    €150 discount on open programs for EPP Prime Members

    Hotel info

    NH Collection Barcelona Constanza

    Location:  C/ Deu i Mata, 69-99, 08029 Barcelona Spain

    Reservations +34 91 600 81 46 Tel.: +34 93 2811500


    EPP has secured a preferential room rate at the NH Collection Barcelona Constanza, exclusively for the attendees of this Forum. The special rate is available until 11 March 2024  (subject to availability), so early booking is advised.

    You will receive more information about the accommodation and how to book your room once your registration is confirmed.

    For further information about the venue, please contact Francisco Porcel at

    • Please note that the program fee does not include travel expenses, accommodation, individually organized dinners and other incidentals.
    • VAT shall apply at prevailing rates according to local (country of training) laws and regulations.
    • We try to negotiate special hotel rates if possible - please ask the hotel for the best rates.
    • If you have special requests, please connect with
    • Please note that EPP reserves the right to cancel or postpone events/sessions, or alter the country, location or venue in case of force-majeur, unforeseen circumstances, or if minimum registration numbers are not met. In case of such cancellation, postponement or alteration by EPP, registrants will receive a rollover credit for attendance at the rescheduled sessions.
    • For more information we refer to our Terms and Conditions.

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