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The EPP Body of Knowledge provides resources and guidelines for pricing and monetization management as a foundation of the profession.   

These guidelines are developed based on extensive best practice sharing discussions with EPP Partners, Faculty, CPM Alumni and Board Members.  The principles are widely accepted and help you to develop both your personal and organisational pricing maturity

Crossing the Pricing Chasm white paper 

A practical, proven, roadmap for developing your organizational pricing maturity.  It helps you to reflect, reframe and refocus your efforts at every stage in your pricing maturity journey.   

Crossing the Pricing Chasm >

EPP Pricing Maturity Model
The EPP roadmap towards Pricing 4.0. explained

EPP Pricing Maturity Model >

Pricing Maturity Assessment 
Helps you assess your actual and desired pricing maturity.  It is an important tool to reflect on your as-is and develop your pricing maturity roadmap and set your pricing priorities for the coming months.

PMI Tool >

Thought Leadership Series
Thought Leadership Series describe best practices in pricing research techniques, priicing and monetization management.   They are written by experienced pricing professionals.  

Thought Leadership Series >

EPP launches every 3 year a Global Pricing Maturity Assessment to measure organisational pricing maturity.

We also support pricing research surveys with our expert partners and share the final reports here.  

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