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    Thought Leadership Series

Thought Leadership Series

EPP Thought Leadership Series bring relevant, actionable, research-backed, new points of view.  

The topics are selected and written by pricing body-of-knowledge key influencers.

The EPP 'Thought Leadership Series' content has a focus on ;
. actuality - topics being discussed or happening in the pricing practice
. bringing evidence - tending to prove, or disprove, a matter under discussion
. appropriateness - content that is suitable and increases the likelihood of accomplishing your goals as pricing professional

2019 editions


Edition 1/2019 : download here         Edition 2/2019: download here        Edition 3/2019: download now
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 2018 editions


Edition 1/2018 : download here       Edition 2/2018 : download here      Edition 3/ 2018 : download here    Edition 4/2018 : download here 
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