CPM Pharma - Dates and fees

Digital Switch : from in-class to blended

The EPP Certified Pricing Manager® Pharma programme takes place twice per year. There is a summer edition and a winter edition. Discover below all the dates for the upcoming CPM Programmes, what is covered in the fee, group rates and much more.

Each CPM® programme level is delivered during 38 hours of intensive in-class modules, followed by a six month (minimum) business project with a margin impact of at least € 50.000, leading to final certification.

DIGITAL SWITCH : from in-class to blended (online/virtual-live)

All CPM programs are now delivered as a blended program*, giving you an immersive EPP learning experience from anywhere in the world via our state-of-the-art online and virtual learning technology.  Delivered both online and in real-time (live) sessions, you will be joined by globally-based pricing peers, to exchange knowledge and experience from a range of industries and cultures. 

*blended format = combination of online sessions and virtual classrooms


*  Fees include/cover:

  • certification fee ; 
  • training fees, all educational materials, access to the EPP online library and its electronic resources, lunches (5) 
    and EPP organised group dinners (4). 
    * It does not cover travel, accommodation or individually organised dinners and other incidentals


Do you offer group rates ?

Sure.  Joining the CPM programme as a team, or with your pricing colleagues, offer additional benefits (team alignment, reflection, discussions).
We understand that and offer group rates to facilitate your peer learning. 

Registration fee                = € 5850
EPP member fee              = € 5550

Team 2 registration fee     = € 5250
Team 2 EPP member fee   = € 4750

Team 3 registration fee     = € 4850
Team 3 EPP member fee   = € 4350

* fees per participant