CPM Pharma - Learning Principles

This unique pricing programme is a blend of intensive knowledge transfer, interactive discussions, reflection and group work.

The idea is to make a concrete impact on your work. Therefore, the CPM® is not only an intensive executive learning programme. It also is an intense experience and you will need to successful complete a business project proven that you master your pricing and change capabilities to make things really happen.

The CPM® programme teaching approach is guided by four learning principles:


Our in-class programme is highly interactive and builds on the group’s expertise. We make sure that you learn from interactive discussions with your pricing colleagues and trainers and make intensive use of ‘real world’ business cases and examples.


Executive learning is all about bridging concepts with practice. While our learning methods are firmly grounded in theory, they emphasise practical learning. You learn by reflection on your own situational context in the organisation and you learn by action to make the change really happen. Therefore, certification is based on real business project success.


Each participant has the opportunity to spend some time on the specific challenge of a participant's organisation. These exchanges provide an excellent opportunity to learn from the business practices and context of others. Participants give each other feedback and learn from the discussions.


Your learning doesn’t stop with the CPM® programme. It is essential to keep on developing : this is why the executive CPM® programme is seen as the start of a life-long learning process. For example, our CPM® alumni have the opportunity to be involved in the CPM® certification board as expert speakers in on-demand development programmes, conferences, executive briefings, etc.