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About CPM Programs

The EPP Certified Pricing Manager® programme is the only pricing certification programme in the world with certification based on real business project success - and a proven ROI of 30x the investment. The programs are designed for experienced and highly accomplished pricing practitioners seeking personal career advancement and professional recognition.The programme is designed around the organisational and personal skill cards to perform on the different pricing maturity levels. No other programme is so comprehensive and practical. 

A good starting point is to assess your pricing maturity using the EPP Pricing Maturity Indicator (PMI®). Based on these results, you will be able to make an informed decision as to which programme level is best suited for you.

These four programs align with your pricing maturity roadmap. Certification allows you to build your pricing maturity roadmap, doing the right things right at the right moment.

There are 3 levels of certification and pharma. These four programmes align with your pricing maturity roadmap. Certification allows you to build your pricing maturity roadmap, doing the right things right at the right moment.

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Learning Principals

The programme is a blend of intensive knowledge transfer, interactive discussions, reflection and group work.

The idea is to make a concrete impact on your work. Therefore, the CPM is not only an intensive executive learning programme. It is also an intense experience and you will need to successfully complete a business project proven that you master your pricing and change capabilities to make things really happen.
The CPM® programme teaching approach is guided by four learning principles:


CPM is highly interactive and builds on the group’s expertise. You will learn from interactive discussions and have intensive ‘real world’ business cases and examples.


Our learning methods are firmly grounded in theory, but they emphasize practical learning and bridging concepts with practice. The certification is based on real business project success.

Peer Exchange

Participants will have the excellent opportunity to learn from each other and bench mark their knowledge and challenges.

Life Long Learning

CPM is the start of a life-long learning process and will motivate you to keep on developing your knowledge.

Frequently Asked Questions about CPM

What do fees include?
  • certification fee 
  • training fees, all educational materials, access to the EPP online library and its electronic resources, lunches (5) 
    and EPP organised group dinners (4). 

    * It does not cover travel, accommodation or individually organised dinners and other incidentals
Can I combine CPM bookings?

You benefit from a 10 % discount on your next CPM training if you book your upgrade within 12 months.

Do EPP Prime members get savings

Of course !   Log-in with your EPP Prime account first and enjoy the savings (see training programs for the fees).

Do you offer group rates?

Sure.  Joining the CPM programme as a team, or with your pricing colleagues, offer additional benefits (team alignment, reflection, discussions).
We understand that and offer group rates to facilitate your peer learning.

In-classroom prices : 

  • BRING A COLLEAGUE AND GET -15% discount on both tickets
    REGISTER WITH 3 AND GET -20% discount on your tickets

Virtual-live prices :

  • - 10% if you register with 2
    - 15% if you register with 3 

Companies that have joined the EPP CPM Programme

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    Sezai Turkmen
    Global Pricing Manager

    Pricing is like an endless ocean with full of opportunities and challenges and EPP teaches both unique and conventi...

    Philips Healthcare

    Thomas Tang
    Senior Pricing Manager

    “EPP facilitated a really good CPM training based on the EPP Book 'Crossing the Pricing Chasm: Pricing Maturity Pla...

    Tillotts Pharma AG

    Lei Wang PhD
    Manager Business Analysis

    The CPM Pharma is an excellent training program offered by EPP. It has very broad coverage of topics related to pri...


    Marco Ferreira
    Global Strategic Pricing Manager

    I took the CPM 2 Advance Program in Lisbon at the end of 2019. The level 2 program helps you establish your company...

    FresenIus medical Care

    Linda Thalmüller
    Senior Strategic Pricing & Business Manager

    Great experience, relevant insight backed up with sound practical  experience of trainers that makes you reflect.


    Janis Sillins
    Market Access Manager

    The EPP CPM Program provides well balance of theoretical and practical knowledge on Pharma pricing. It is great opp...

    Alfasigma Spa

    Massimo Orlando
    Global Pricing & Health Economy

    I found the CPM Pharma course a very complete, inspiring and structured opportunity to lay the fundamentals for exc...


    Dieuwke Systema
    Pricing Manager

    The CPM certification programme made me realize that in the stage DTG is in, I needed to see Pricing as a project. ...


    Mounib Jaballah
    Pricing manager

    I appreciated the CPM®_level2 programme as it was oriented on “how we can avoid margin leakage?”.  Really result an...


    Federico Boccardo
    Strategy Implementation Manager

    Before joining the Certiffied Pricing Manager Program my organisation didn’t have a defined view on its pricing mat...