CPM Pharma Edition - in class

07/06/2022 - 10/06/2022
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM (4 days)
5850 Non-member rate.


The EPP Certified Pricing Manager® programme is the only officially recognised pricing certification programme in the world with certification based on real business project succes, designed for experienced and highly accomplished pricing practitioners seeking personal career advancement and professional recognition.  

The ROI of the CPM certification projects exceed 25x the investment fees !


Have a look at what our CPM Pharma trainers have to say about the program.


01. What ?

The Certified Pricing Manager® programme is specifically designed around the organisational and personal skill cards for peak performance in pharma pricing and monetization.

No other programme is so comprehensive, covering the state-of-the-art best practices and insights, and so practical.   The in-depth experience of the faculty, blended with international peer groups learning, is unique and creates an optimal setting for maximum learning.

The EPP CPM Pharma Programme curriculum combines width and depth, theory and practice, hard skills and soft skills. The idea is to make a real impact on the pricing maturity development in your organisation. The EPP CPM Pharma programme is not only an intensive  executive programme. It is also an intense all-round experience with a group of international and cross-industrial talented peers.  

Certification is based on real business project success.  



02. Learning Objectives

This unique 4-day in-class, interactive, programme is designed around the know-what and the know-how to implement pricing peak performance in pharma.


03. Programme

The building blocks of the programme structure focus on :


Module 1 : The high impact of pricing for Pharma

Starting pricing wrong has a huge impact on market access and profitability - and there is very often no way back to recover from poor launch pricing.  During this first module, we will discuss the importance and relevance of price, pricing theory, definite 'optimal prices’, share pricing learnings across different industries - and demonstrate the concrete impact of ‘right' versus ‘wrong' pricing.

Module 2 : Role of pricing (and market access) in the development and launch process

First ; we will discuss the 4 important stages in the development and launch cycle - and the role of pricing and market access activities within each stage of the development of a drug :

    • Phase 1 : testing
    • Phase 2 : target group testing
    • Phase 3 : trials and final FDA and EMA approval
    • Phase 4 : launch and local reimbursement negotiations
    • Secondly; will discuss in this module also the roles and responsibilities in price and market access management in your organization.

Module 3 : Value-based pricing

    • During this module, we discuss :
    • Value identification (value for the payer/provider/patient)
    • Quantification & validation
    • Health economics and pricing

Module 4 : Innovative pricing models

    • New trends in Pharma pricing
    • Outcome-based pricing models
    • Managed entry agreements
    • How to price CAR-T ?

Module 5 : Develop a global pricing strategy

We learn and reflect on : 

    • International reference pricing
    • Parallel trade and
    • Launch sequencing

Module 6 : P&R systems and trends

We will discuss ;

    • P&R systems in USA market
    • P&R systems and trends in the EU markets
    • P&R systems and trends in Japan market
    • P&R systems and trends in emerging markets

Module 7 : Develop a regional pricing strategy for USA market, EU markets, Japan market and emerging markets (China, Brazil)

In this practical module, we will learn and discuss about ;

    • Differential pricing learning between countries in emerging markets
    • Contracting and net pricing approaches
    • Tender management

Module 8 : Contracting and net pricing approaches

    • List vs net price managemen
    • Role of payer contracting and net pricing in a global P&MA strategy
    • Commercial contracting/operational price management/Price governance/Rebate

Module 9 : Tender Management

    • Procurement evolution from contracting to tendering
    • Best practices in tender management

Module 10 : Understanding the role of pricing across the product life cycle

We will discuss how the pricing role changes during the life cycle of pharmaceuticals ;

    • price re-negotiations and re-referencing
    • indication extensions/enlargement
    • new competitors entry to the markets, etc.

Module 11 : Loss of exclusivity

We will discuss in this module the impact of generics and biosimilars entry strategies on pricing

Module 12 : Pricing Research

You will explore the various pricing research methods to define the ‘right’ price

Module 13 : Change Management

Making things really happen ; how to get your price strategy implemented ?

Module 14 : Introduction to the CPM Pharma Certification Process  

1-1 Coaching Session: Get started with your CPM Pricing Project 

04. For whom ?

Everyone with pricing responsibilities in pharma industry :

  • Global Pricing and Market Access Director
  • Regional Pricing and Market Access Director
  • Health Economics and Pricing Manager
  • Market Access Manager
  • Pricing and Reimbursement Manager/Specialist
  • Pricing and Contracts Manager
  • Pricing and Tender Manager
  • Pricing Analyst

05. Fees

Registration fee               = € 5850
EPP member fee              = € 5350

Joining the CPM programme as a team, or with your pricing colleagues, offer additional benefits (team alignment, reflection, discussions).
We understand that and offer group rates to facilitate your peer learning. 

Team 2 registration fee     = € 4800
Team 2 EPP member fee   = € 4300

Team 3 registration fee     = € 4200
Team 3 EPP member fee   = € 3700

* fees per participant


06. Included in the registration fee

The training fee includes :

  • certification fee ; 
  • course material - print and digital
  • training fees
  • lunches (5) and EPP organised group dinners (4).

VAT is applicable to private persons and Belgian companies. 

It does not cover travel, accommodation or individually organised dinners and other incidentals.  We recommend you to book your flights/travel/accommodation in advance to avoid last rates. 

We try to negotiate special hotel rates if possible - please ask the hotel for the best rates.  f you have special requests, please connect with Ripsime Matevosian : Ripsime.matevosian@pricingplatform.eu

* EPP reserves the right to cancel or postpone events/sessions, or alter the country, location or venue in case of force-majeur, unforeseen circumstances, or if minimum registration numbers are not met. In case of such cancellation, postponement or alteration by EPP, registrants will receive a rollover credit for attendance at the rescheduled sessions. For more information please have a look at our  Terms & Conditions

07. Trainers

Our faculty consists of dedicated expert trainers. All trainers are excited to train on the EPP CPM® because participants are an exceptional group of pricing practitioners on their path to increase the pricing maturity of their organisations. You can be assured that your faculty comes from a selected group of internatinal experienced cross-industiral pricing experts, open to share and discuss the best pricing practices with you.

All CPM trainers are top experts in training pricing.  They are experienced in training groups for high impact.

We do not teach, we train and develop.
You will learn, discuss and reflect - and you will bring the learnings into action.


Federico Boccardo - Strategy Implementation Manager - Aliaxis

Before joining the Certiffied Pricing Manager Program my organisation didn’t have a defined view on its pricing maturity. The challenge was a newly defined strategy that was expecting considerable pricing Improvement between 2014 and 2018.   The Pricing improvement project I worked on, was particularly challenging because a mindset change required to shift to a much more data driven decision making process than before.  We worked together with Marketing and Sales to build an analysis tool that allowed us to identify improvement potential in terms.   The impact of the project was ~300K€ (2.4% on sales !) and it served as a pilot for the definition of a pan-divisional Pricing Excellence Programme.   

I now feel stronger than before with a structured approach and clear KPI’s to measure the performance of my pricing programmes.

Mounib Jaballah - Pricing manager -  LFB

I appreciated the CPM®_level2 programme as it was oriented on “how we can avoid margin leakage?”.  Really result and profit oriented.    The CPM®_level 2 programme helped me to find answer how to get control over our country prices and I succeed to set up a methodology for each pricing strategy, going into deeper analyses of prices in a country to find the right price, leading to revenue optimisation.   To avoid pricing leakage, a right pricing governance and pricing policies had to be set up. Level up operation teams and change the mentality is also critical for the LFB.   Our goal through this project is to reach a maturity in this field and train the International operational teams to be more efficient during tendering and contracting situation. 

Massimo Orlando - Global Pricing & Health Economy at Alfasigma Spa

I found the CPM Pharma course a very complete, inspiring and structured opportunity to lay the fundamentals for excellence improvement of my Pharma Company's Pricing & Reimbursement department


Janis Sillins - Market Access Manager at Roche

The EPP CPM Program provides well balance of theoretical and practical knowledge on Pharma pricing. It is great opportunity to meet experts and pricing professionals to discuss this complex topic

Linda Thalmüller - Senior Strategic Pricing and Business Manager at FresenIus medical Care

Great experience, relevant insight backed up with sound practical  experience of trainers that makes you reflect.

07/06/2022 - 10/06/2022
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM (4 days)
5850 Non-member rate.