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  • What is it?

    EPP's Certified Pricing Manager 3 –program is expertly designed to accelerate your skills in pricing and is all about ‘value strategy” – Installing Value Strategy based on value innovation, value pricing, - communication and value-selling.

    The idea is to make a real impact on the pricing maturity development in your organisation. The CPM 3 program is not only an intensive executive program. It is also an intense all-round experience with a group of international and cross-industrial talented peers. The CPM  3 Program is a highly impactful experience, as the certification is based on a successful  business project delivery. The ROI of the CPM certification projects exceed 25x the investment fees !


    The focus of the CPM® level 3 programme is on “Installing a true value strategy” - based on value innovation, value pricing, - communication and value-selling. 

    Special attention on the change management ; how to make it really happen - and organisational capabilities.

    Extra modules on innovative and disruptive pricing models. 


    Participant Profile

    Application requirements for CPM® level 3 :  A minimum of 3 years of relevant experience in pricing including, but not limited to ; value based pricing, pricing research, economic value calculation (EVC), people management or relevant management experience within marketing/sales or finance.

    Or : CPM® level 2 holder
    Or : proven successful level 2 experience as pricing practitioner (references to be provided at the application).


  • What participants will learn:

    Top important topics that will be covered during the CPM 3 program

    • Impact and the role of Pricing
    • The EPP Pricing Maturity Model to assess your organizational pricing maturity
    • All the challenges at every stage of your pricing maturity
    • Value Based Pricing
    • Effective Price Strategy
    • Price setting based on quantified economic value
    • Value Culture, Value communication and Value Selling
    • Innovative and disruptive pricing models
    • Monetizing professional services and Dynamic pricing 2.0
    • Change Management
    • Building a level 3 pricing organisation
    • Start with your CPM project and your priorities for the upcoming 12 months

    How participants learn:

    • Learn from our world-class CPM faculty, who are leading authorities
    • Gain insights from CPM faculty and industry participants
    • External view of pricing excellence
    • Gain key industry insights
    • Bench marking of pricing in comparison to other CPM Participants
    • Applying CPM learning in a business case
    • CPM Project delivery

    Learning experience:

    • 4 days action learning in a vibrant city
    • Intense all-round learning experience with a group of international and cross-industrial talented pricing peers
    • Interactive learning sessions
    • Network opportunities with a global peer group, sharing personal experiences and debating the industry’s latest hot topics

    Certification Process:

    To obtain a CPM Certification, you work on an actual business challenge for your company. As the final CPM® certification depends on whether you succeed in completing the identified margin, profit optimisation or change targets set by yourself and your direct manager(s) in your certification project plan. The projects are evaluated by the EPP Certification Board (and internal project sponsor). 

    1. During the CPM Program you will discuss with the CPM Faculty and other participants your goals and CPM project and delivery.
    2. You provide EPP a CPM Project Charter which will be evaluated to meet the requirements of a CPM certification project.
    3. You have 6 months to start/deliver the project, during which you get access to optional project coaching by the CPM faculty.
    4. During the CPM certification Board Meeting where you will defend your project for the CPM Project Board and your project sponsor.

    CPM Certification allows you to build your pricing maturity roadmap, doing the right things right at the right moment in your career. Certification is based on real business project success with an average ROI of 25x the program investment.

  • Avatar

    Experienced Independent Consultant
    Dr Ian Tidswell

    Dr. Ian Tidswell has 20 years of B2B pricing experience across a range of industries, from startups to world-leading enterprises, as a consultant, operator, leader and coach.  Today, he trains, advises, and coaches some of the world's most innovative companies across a wide range of industries, helping them develop pricing architectures that enable them to meet their commercial goals. Ian, formerly a McKinsey consultant, started his pricing journey at Vendavo and then led a pricing transformation at Medtronic before becoming the head of pricing for Syngenta.  He has been a trainer for EPP (including the CPM2 & 3, Channel Pricing and MedTech programs) for the last 6 years, and is based in Basel, Switzerland. 

    “I value and enjoy the CPM training programs.  For anyone starting their pricing journey or wanting to move up to the next level, the programs offer a unique combination of theory and best-practice, along with hands-on exercises that help participants map out their pricing initiatives confidently.  The CPM 2 and 3 projects over the following 6-12 months help to bring the concepts to life in practical, valuable ways, under the guidance of the trainers.  Personally, I very much enjoy learning about the participants companies and pricing experiences (a key part of the program value is the networking and exchange of experience.  Often my relationship with the participants continues well after the training and projects are completed.”


    Head of Pricing & Commercial Excellence
    Dr. Marcus F. Demmelmair

    Dr. Marcus F. Demmelmair is Head of Pricing & Commercial Excellence within Horvath and leading the pricing practice. Marcus’ passion is to advise on commercial strategies leveraging new business models, analytics & artificial intelligence as well as innovative technologies. Over 10 years of consulting, Marcus help clients to find new levers for top-line growth across various B2C and B2B industries in Europe, Asia and the US.


    Strategy Principal Director
    Daniel Lindner 

    Daniel Lindner  works as a Strategy Principal Director in the Unit Customer Sales & Service at Accenture. Since 2012, he has led more than 100 consulting projects for market-leading and mid-sized clients from the mechanical engineering and systems engineering industries, as well as component manufacturers. His focus topics are pricing strategy, data-driven / digital pricing and pricing software. He has won several consulting awards for his pricing approaches.


    CEO, Investor and Founder
    Paul Glenn

    Dr. Paul Glenn has almost 20 years of experience in pricing and management, as Management Consultant, as Senior Manager and Global Head of Pricing in a leading global company, as Director of a 100m Business Unit with full global P&L responsibility, as Director in Private Equity, CEO and Investor. As one of the first in 2010 he introduced Global Pricing and a professional pricing software in a global company in 45 countries, implemented value-based pricing strategies, and optimized pricing in various countries and cultures. Paul has a lot of practical experience in optimizing pricing in various contexts and industries, particularly in manufacturing, B2B/business services, IT services, consulting, and the construction industry. Paul is regularly speaker at forums about pricing and management topics. He founded three companies and co-founded a fourth, teaches Price Management at the University of Karlsruhe / Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and was himself a participant in the first CPM3 training and has since been an integral part of the CPM faculty and the certification board.

    "I enjoy every training because of the interesting participants and because of the joint development of very practical concepts tailored to each company for the optimization of their pricing." 

  • Venue Information - Emperador Hotel Madrid

    Emperador Hotel is located in Madrid’s Gran Vía, the heart of Madrid. Gran Vía is synonymous with theatres, cinemas, shows, restaurants, cocktail bars, nightlife, shops, businesses, boutiques… It has everything, and there is no better way to enjoy it all than from the privileged location of Hotel Emperador.

    This elegant and stylish hotel offers a cocktail-bar located on the terrace boasting views of the Royal Palace, Almudena Cathedral and Gran Vía Avenue.

    Emperador Hotel is just 10 minutes’ walk from the Royal Palace and Puerta del Sol, Madrid’s main square. Santo Domingo, Plaza de España and Callao Metro Stations are within a 3-minute walk, connecting you with the famous Art Triangle in just 15 minutes.

    The hotel has also a lobby bar with a permanent art-gallery offering temporary exhibitions.

  • Dates

    Type : In-Person
    Start : 24 Oct 2023 at 09:00
    End : 27 Oct 2023 at 17:00
    Duration : 4 days
    Location : Madrid

    Training Fees

    The fee for Certified Pricing Manager 3 - in class is €5350.00

    The program fee includes

    • All learning materials
    • Certification fee
    • All EPP organized lunches (4) and coffee breaks during the program days
    • Evening activity including a CPM dinner

    Please note that the program fee does not include travel expenses, accommodation, individually organized dinners and other incidentals. VAT is applicable based on locations and companies. We try to negotiate special hotel rates if possible - please ask the hotel for the best rates. If you have special requests, please connect with Silvia Garrido at

    EPP reserves the right to cancel or postpone events/sessions, or alter the country, location or venue in case of force-majeur, unforeseen circumstances, or if minimum registration numbers are not met. In case of such cancellation, postponement or alteration by EPP, registrants will receive a rollover credit for attendance at the rescheduled sessions. For more information please have a look at our Terms and Conditions.

    Training Fee Discounts

    Joining the CPM program as a team, or with your pricing colleagues, offer additional benefits such as team alignment, reflection, and fruitful discussions. We understand that and provide group rates to facilitate your peer learning.

    • €5350 full training fee
    • €4850 team 2 registration
    • €4300 team 3 and more registration fee
    • 10% discount for our CPM Alumni
    • €300 discount for EPP Prime Members

    * fees per participant


  • Value-based Parts Pricing - Powered by Solutions.AI

    Manufacturers have invested heavily in aftersales organizations and software solutions to manage the highly profitable business of aftersales and spare parts, but the manual and labor-intensive pricing process often leaves room for human error and missed value.
    This free e-book “Value-based Parts Pricing - Powered by Solutions.AI” by Accenture shares the latest insights and uncover the true value of AI-powered parts pricing and how it can help you unleash the full potential of your spare parts business.  

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