Open Circles - invitation only

Our team gathered to discuss which immediate actions we could take to support the global pricing community during and beyond the actual demand crisis and we conducted a global survey.  An overwhelming majority responded with a deep desire to connect with their peers to share their current situation, thoughts and feelings – and find solutions.

The outcome : EPP Open Circles.  Our aim with the EPP Open Circles is to provide a place to share both the challenges - and positive experiences on concrete solutions - with a focus on the future.  Looking ahead.

EPP Open Circles are invitation-only.

Bringing our network together allows you to learn from one another in a structured process, with one main goal :  to learn through peer pricing leaders’ stories how to overcome your own challenges without listening to “advice”, instead developing your own solutions through what you hear, not what you are “told”.  By listening to others’ experience, you are inspired to take new ways forward.

Instead of inviting an expert to tell EPP Prime members how to solve their problems, we let you share your different approaches to the challenges we all face.  Every participant learns from peers from all over the world (on what worked or did not work).   The learning process emphasizes on vulnerable sharing to accelerate our members’ learning curve.