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EPP GLOBAL FMCG/CPG Revenue Growth Management Forum 2024

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The EPP GLOBAL FMCG/CPG Revenue Growth Management Forum 2024 is the only global pricing forum dedicated to FMCG and Consumer Goods (CPG) companies.

This extraordinary forum brings together the category management and revenue growth management (RGM) leaders, technology innovators and industry practitioners to share the latest insights, practical roadmaps and real-life best practices to enhance category and RGM projects, and help you achieve a genuine ‘Triple Win’ – between Consumers, Manufacturers and Customers/Retailers.

If you are involved in revenue growth management, category management, trade/channel management, ecommerce/omnichannel management, data science, or brand management – and targeting the end consumer/shopper – this is a must-do conference for you. This forum will be a key enhancer for you to accelerate your impact. 

The trainings, forum, workshops and bootcamps will enable you to understand and identify the most effective revenue management levers, to effectively mitigate current economic changes, along actionable RGM Interventions, Category Management Strategies, bridging Consumer Value, Brand Building, Pack Price Architecture, Consumer Pricing, Mix, Shopper-based Promotion Effectiveness and Omnichannel Commercial planning.

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