EPP FlexPool

Hiring made easy 

We deliver pricing and RM interim professionals.
Many companies face challenges with finding the right pricing talent ; from candidate qualifications and team integration to economics that fit budgets.   Our EPP FlexPool solution for hiring best-fit Pricing, RGM or RM contractors addresses all of these concerns.   We work with a large network of excellent pricing and revenue (growth) management professionals that makes that we’re able to work in any country in Europe, working on-site or remote at your company.   We have served companies in Germany, France, Spain, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, The Netherlands, UK and beyond.

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Hire the top tier of pricing and R(G)M 
Pure and Simple.

We constantly strive to find and work with the best talents.  Our rigorous screening process identifies not only the experts in their domains, but we also select on passion and drive to make things happen.

EPP FlexPool is a joint-venture between EPP and Sonic.

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Your benefits :

  1. Reliability : We match your company with the right interim candidates that have extensive experience relevant to the role you’re looking for.
  2. Quality : The candidates are screened on their pricing and/or RM skills but also screened on their soft skills including attitude, values, energy, education, and language proficiency.
  3. Flexibility :  You may transition the freelancer to a part-time role or stop using their services just as quickly as you started using them. We try to make this process as agile as your business.
  4. Transparancy : Our pricing is straight-forward whether you prefer a daily price, or on a weekly basis or monthly. There are no hidden fees
  5. No hassle :  You don’t have to worry about vacation time, unemployment, termination hassle, paperwork, recruiting time etc. We take care of those details.

How it works :

  1. Tell us what your are looking for
    What specific experience and skills do you need ?  Whether it’s a single freelancer or a larger pricing team, he/she needs to work on-site or remotely, we can handle it.  After we get the job description, our internal experts will review it and connect with you   to get a perfect understanding of your exact needs.
  2. We will find the right match for you
    We'll notify you with a status concerning your request within a few days : or we have a good fit in our network ready to start, or we have a candidate who matches the requirements but we are still in the screening process - or we do not have an optimal match and we work hard to find one.
  3. Integrate the interim manager in your team
    As soon as you review and sign-off the agreement, our recommended pricing/RGM interim manager is ready to start.    
  4. No risk trial period
    Our 4 weeks 'no-risk trial' period lets companies work with our interim manager(s) first before deciding if they’re 100% confident in moving forward.  If, for whatever reason, you are not completely satisfied you can stop the service and we will restart the search for a contractor at absolutely no cost.

Core talents and industries

In our network : 

Industries :                                

  • Senior pricing managers
  • Pricing project managers
  • Spare parts pricing managers
  • Transformation manager (sofware implementation)
  • Pricing / revenue analysts
  • Revenue managers
  • Tender & pricing specialists
  • Market access and pricing specialists
  • ......

  • Manufacturing
  • Chemicals
  • Electronics/components
  • Machinery/equipment
  • Agro
  • Building/construction
  • Logistics
  • Retail
  • e-commerce
  • Telecom
  • Banking
  • Energy
  • Hospitality/leisure
  • Travel (bus/airlines/parking/taxi/car sharing/...)
  • Software - SaaS
  • .....
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