CPM 1 - Professional

The CPM 1 Program is an interactive and hands-on program with impact, for everyone that is involved in developing the organisational pricing capabilities. This program will deliver you the right insights, processes and tools to set - and get better - prices.

The program is designed for pricing analysts, product managers, brand managers, business controllers and of course pricing managers.  In fact, it is for everyone who wants to gain a solid basis in pricing or spice-up their pricing skills. 

 The EPP CPM 1 program is not only an intensive executive programme. It is also an intense all-round experience with a group of international and cross-industrial talented peers. 

The CPM ® programme is specifically designed around the organisational and personal skill cards to perform on the different pricing maturity levels.   No other programme is so comprehensive and practical.     It's a good idea to assess your pricing maturity before your start, using the EPP Pricing Maturity Indicator (PMI®).

CPM 1 levels

You can choose between different formats : an in-class program, a virtual-live program or an online program. 
Certification on CPM level 1 is delivered based on passing the CPM 1 online exam.

You prefer to learn at your own pace ? 
The CPM1 online program is a good alternative :



Do you offer group rates ?

Sure.  Joining the CPM programme as a team, or with your pricing colleagues, offer additional benefits (team alignment, reflection, discussions).
We understand that and offer group rates to facilitate your peer learning.

In-classroom prices : 

  • BRING A COLLEAGUE AND GET -15% discount on both tickets
    REGISTER WITH 3 AND GET -20% discount on your tickets

Virtual-live prices :

  • - 10% if you register with 2
    - 15% if you register with 3 

Do EPP Prime Members get savings ?

Of course !   Log-in with your EPP Prime account first and enjoy the savings (see training programs for the fees).
Join as EPP Prime member here.


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