The EPP Pricing Academy offers :

Open, in-class, Programs >

Make professional development a continuous part of your pricing management career. Make it a priority to learn and improve your skill set and in return you will increase both your value to your organization and enhance your future career prospects.

During the EPP pricing programs, we will bring you successful pricing experts sharing their knowledge and best practices in intimate sessions with a limited audience (minimum 6, maximum 16) for optimal learning. Each program reserves plenty of time to bring in your own business challenges and discussions.

Pol Vanaerde - President EPP - We do not teach, we offer learning and development.

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Certification Programs >

The EPP Certified Pricing Manager® Programmes are global standards.  The EPP Certified Pricing Manager® programme is proven to be the ideal executive learning programme to support organisational pricing maturity development.  No other programme is so comprehensive and practical.   It is specifically designed around skill cards for effective learning and serves as a concrete guide how to effectively improve pricing maturity. It’s a demanding programme, but the reward is that you will grow both as a pricing expert and as a pricing leader. Certification is based on real business project success.    The programs are available in both open/in-class and in Virtual-Live format.

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Virtual-Live Programs >

EPP Virtual -Live Programs enable you to join our open programs from anywhere in the world.  The diverse range of pricing and revenue growth management programs, supported by our digital learning platform allows you to connect and engage live with your pricing peers/participants and trainers just like in a regular classroom.   

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Online Programs >

EPP Online Trainings are online courses available on the EPP Learning Platform

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In Company Programs >

All our open pricing trainings can also be organised as an in-company training, or completely tailor-made to the specific needs and desired outcomes of you and your team.

Do you want to discuss your pricing learning projects or your customised pricing programme ?
Contact : Ripsime Matevosian (Learning & Development Manager) - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Customised online and virtual classroom trainings

Customised online and virtual classroom trainings

We develop customised - an actionable - online learning and virtual classroom programs based on your learning goals. Our EPP Learning Platform is designed to offer your teams a high quality learning experience

Contact your learning & development manager for more information: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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