CPM Pharma - Certification

Certification is based on real business project success with a concrete margin impact !

You work on an actual business challenges for your company.

Final CPM® certification depends on whether you succeed in completing the identified margin, profit optimisation or change targets set by yourself and your direct manager(s) in your certification project plan.

The projects are evaluated by the EPP Certification Board (and your internal project sponsor/manager).  
Typically, the certification process takes 6 months and you will be supported by our Learning and Development Manager.   

There are mainly 3 steps :

1. You will need to provide us a CPM Project Charter which will be evaluated to meet the requirements of a CPM certification project.   
2. You have 6 months to start/deliver the project, during which you get access to optional project coaching by the CPM faculty of your programme.   
3. 6 months after the CPM programme delivery, we will schedule a CPM certification Board Meeting to defend your project for the CPM Project Board and project sponsor.  Please note after CPM programme training, you will have one-year eligibility time to implement your business pricing project and present the project result to CPM Certification Board.


Impact.   The average ROI of this programme is 25x the investment.

  Your certification program should deliver a margin improvement impact of min. 7x your investment 
  in this programme.