Pricing Coaching

We support you with high impact pricing coaching moments to accelerate your pricing initiatives.  Our pricing coaches are part of the CPM trainer faculty and are available during remote sessions at preferred coaching fees.

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  • Pricing Coaching 4hrs


    2 x 2hr blocks
    (Remote sessions)

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    Pricing Coaching 8hrs


    4 x 2hr blocks
    (Remote sessions)

  • Pricing Coaching 12hrs


    6 x 2hr blocks
    (Remote sessions)

    Pricing Coaching is only available to our EPP Prime Members. Please sign in to see what coaching is available

    Scope of the EPP Coaching

    EPP Coaching facilitates critical thinking, reflection and offers expert knowledge to create/assess your roadmap and action plan. It supports your pricing and revenue growth management roadmaps and action plans.

    The scope of the EPP coaching services cover :

    Mirroring :
    Status : You have an action plan and/or process
    Scope : Facilitates reflection and gives expert advice on your actual action plan, approach and chosen process

    Mentoring :
    Status : You have an action plan, but you are off-track  
    Scope : Sharing senior/expert knowledge, offering answers and solutions getting you (back) on the right track – spice-up your action plan

    Status : You need an action plan and need a critical expert to help you define the outcome, process and tackle the obstacles.
    Scope : Provides custom advice to help reach your specific goals by identifying your desired outcome, taking away the obstacles standing in the way and creating a personalized action plan.

    Note : knowing when to opt for coaching instead of consultancy is important to help you solve your challenge.   Consultancy goes beyond coaching.   Consultants will help you to make your plan really happen and support you during the implementation with tools, systems, processes and people.  EPP does not offer consultancy – we refer to our partners for consultancy.


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