Research Techniques for Value Based Pricing -2021

In this 2-day pricing training course you will learn about how to put the voice of your customer central in your price setting.

The training covers a variety of customer-centric research and analytical techniques, varying from very simple and cheap methods to more advanced approaches answering a lot of pricing questions you might have.

There’s no better opportunity to learn how to incorporate the voice of the customer into your price setting.

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01. What ?

  • This is an intensive, interactive 2-day pricing training, combining interactive lectures and exercises in small groups, followed by group discussions.
  • Though based on solid theory, the training is based around sharing plenty of real case examples, incorporating the pricing situation and issues of the participants
  • You learn all the in-and-outs of pricing research techniques to set value based prices !


02. Objectives

  • Better understand the core principles of value based price setting, using customer data, including current practices and future trends
  • Learn about practical techniques and tools useful for pricing setting
  • Learn to identify which techniques and tools are most relevant for your business case
  • Feel confident about the necessary scope of pricing research you may need

This is your opportunity to learn, discuss and reflect on the most used pricing research tools for value based pricing.

03. Programme

Day 1 : 9.30 - 18.00 hr
Day 2 : 8.30 - 16.00 hr

Module 1 | Introduction workshop and participants

Participants’ objectives
Participants’ pricing issues / business cases
Short overview of different topics that will be covered

Module 2 | Pricing segmentation

The average (prospect) customer does not exist
Why and how to segment customers
How does this relate to price setting and portfolio development

Module 3 | Understanding Price / Value and the value drivers

  • How to measure price and value perception
  • The Price / Value map
  • The Brand map, usage and interpretation
  • Identifying the drivers of Value
  • The Maximum Differential method as an alternative to drivers analysis

Team Exercise I

Case studies : Price Segmentation, Value map, Brand map applied on a business case

Module 4 | Measuring Price Elasticity - Tools

  • Using internal / historical data
  • Market tests
  • Price Sensitivity Meter (PSM )
  • Gabor Granger
  • Monadic Price Testing
  • Qualitative methods
  • Neuroscience

Team Exercise II

Case studies on above techniques

Module 5 | Measuring Price Elasticity – Tools

Design of optimum product/service/bundles :
• Introduction to conjoint analysis
• Choice-Based-Conjoint
• Adaptive Choice-Based-Conjoint
• Menu-Based-Conjoint

Team Exercise III |

Apply conjoint techniques to participants’ business cases

Wrap-up / lesson learned + personal action plan

04. For whom ?

Management roles responsible for - or involved with - priced setting ; such as pricing managers, pricing team members, marketing directors, marketing intelligence managers, customer intelligence managers and product managers.

This training is for anyone who wants to improve their knowledge of the best practices in value based pricing research techniques.


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06. Included in the registration fee

The training fee includes :

  • Course material - print and digital of the pricing course
  • Coffee, tea & refreshments during the pricing course
  • Lunches during the pricing training

It does not cover travel, accommodation or other incidentals.  We recommend you to book your flights/travel/accommodation in advance to avoid last rates.
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07. Trainer


Nicole Huyghe - Founder and Managing Director of Boobook

Nicole is the founder and Managing Director of Boobook, an international consultancy in customer analytics.  Since she started in 2002, and together with her team of 15 analytics (based in Ghent and London), she has advised a wide variety of businesses on price setting, both B2B and B2C, including Disney, AkzoNobel, Janssens Pharmaceutical, Harvard Business Review, Merck, Pfizer, Canon and Microsoft.

She is a regular speaker at conferences, and also gives guest lectures at several European Universities (Rotterdam School of Management, Imperial Business School of London, DTU Zurich, University of Copenhagen, University of Ghent, University of Brussels).

This training is high rated : 8.5/10 !


Tom Grange - Senior Commercial Manager - Virgin Media

Good content, excellent moderator and insightful debate across a range of different pricing analisyis techniques.

Hermine Viaene - Sr. Pricing Administrator - Samsonite Europe

The pricing research toolbox was very interesting , driven by a very professional speaker. We got a lot of insights and we will definitely succeed in applying the lessons learned to better position our prices in the future.

22/09/2021 - 23/09/2021
9:30 AM - 4:00 PM (2 days)
1795 Non-member rate.