Certified Pricing Manager 3 - virtual live

15/11/2021 - 16/12/2021
8:30 AM - 1:00 PM (14 session)
4000 Non-member rate.

The EPP Certified Pricing Manager® programs are practical, comprehensive and highly actionable programs based on the EPP Pricing Maturity Model.  
You can start to assess your pricing maturity using the EPP Pricing Maturity Indicator (PMI®). The EPP CPM Program curriculum combines width and depth, theory and practice, hard skills and soft skills. The idea is to make a real impact on the pricing maturity development in your organisation. 

This CPM 3 - Expert - program is an interactive program focusing on installing a true value strategy - enhanced by value pricing, value innovation, value communication and value-selling.  Special attention is also given on the change management aspect ; the 'how to make it really happen' and organisational capabilities.   Special focus modules added on innovative and disruptive pricing models. 

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01. Global and Virtual

This virtual-live program allows you to join from anywhere in the world at you comfort.   Our digital learining platform gives you 24/7/7 access to your learning material and allows you to connect and interact with your pricing peers/participants and faculty just like in an EPP classroom.   Additional benefits of this virtual learning format also include one-to-one coaching sessions with the faculty.


02. Learn from the best


Our faculty consists of dedicated expert trainers. All trainers are excited to train on the EPP CPM® because participants are an exceptional group of pricing practitioners on their path to increase the pricing maturity of their organisations. 
You can be assured that your faculty comes from a selected group of international experienced cross-industiral pricing experts, open to share and discuss the best pricing practices with you.   They are experienced in training groups for high impact.

We do not teach, we train and develop.
You will learn, discuss and reflect - and you will bring the learnings into action.


03. Peer learning


The EPP learning experience is an intense all-around experience and has a rich set of interactive elements where you learn together as a group !
You will meet several international and cross-industry pricing peers with whom you can learn, discuss and network during the sessions.


04. Apply your learnings


Action-Learning are a core element of the CPM program as it is designed to increase business impact. We are discussing the role of pricing in capturing value creation and enhancing your competitive positioning.

You are encouraged to take the newly acquired knowledge and apply them within the context of your actual job and organisation. The program will deliver you the right insights, processes and tools.

The outcome of this program is that you able to implement a true value strategy - based on value innovation, value pricing, - communication and value-selling.



05. Get certified!


Certification (Certified Pricing Manager - Expert level - 3) following this Virtual LIVE Program is based on passing an online exam.
This certificate participants can also showcase on their LinkedIn profile.



06. Program details

This program will be offered online and virtually  sessions and will include regular breaks and significant interaction with faculty and other participants.

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Application requirements for CPM® level 3 :
  A minimum of 3 years of relevant experience in pricing including, but not limited to ; value based pricing, pricing research, economic value calculation (EVC), people management or relevant management experience within marketing/sales or finance.

Or : CPM® level 2 holder
Or : proven successful level 2 experience as pricing practitioner (references to be provided at the application).


07. Registration fee

Individual Virtual Live CPM Program 

    Member rate      Non-member rate

€ 3650

 € 4000




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Included in the registration fee :
. pre-reading material
. full course material 
. use of the EPP digital learning platform (open during 6 months after start program)
. certification exam
. free 'Pricing Maturity Playbook' (e-book)

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Steve Pierson - Sr. Director of Pricing - Philips Diagnostic Imaging

"The EPP CPM Programme provides a structured approach for addressing pricing challenges. I believe that this approach can help organizations build a strong foundation for pricing initiatives to improve margin performance."

David Martinsson - Pricing Specialist Spare Parts - Husqvarna Construction Products

For me this certification programme was really valuable. !  Especially to get the opportunity to get a deeper insight in interacting with people having the same challenges as we have is of great value !   The certification project is very valuable too.

Tobias Happel - Global Pricing Manager - Philips Healthcare

Value based pricing was a topic where we really needed to make progress as a company, otherwise we would end up in a pricing war with Asian vendors.   We now identified strategic projects where we can apply the learned concepts and we further develop value calculators in order to equip sales with value selling tools to confidently engage into the negotiations - proving customers that our products are the best choice for them.   

The margin impact out of my CPM project was 1 M Euro (annually) !  Another huge advantage of our CPM project is that other projects were identified and our top management is now well aware of the impact ! 

15/11/2021 - 16/12/2021
8:30 AM - 1:00 PM (14 session)
4000 Non-member rate.
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