EPP has gathered a treasure-trove of resources from best pratices to the latest thinking and research for leading pricing and R(G)M professionals. 

We have collated our resources in 3 key areas* :

The Digital Hub is where you can find recorded Dynamic Talks, Learning Webinars and Keynote presentations.

In our Tools section, you will find a series of practical tools to assess your maturity level and define the priortities for your maturity roadmap, inclusive the most used 'Pricing Maturity Playbook'.

In the Searchable Library you will find selected whitepapers and thought leadership series with inspirational content from top tier consultants.

* Only EPP Prime subscribers have unlimited access to all resources


 laptop laptop 2   Tools

   Digital Hub

   Get inspired by insights from our Dynamic Talk Series,
   Recorded Webinars and Keynote presentations.

    Searchable Library

   Search our database of Thougth Leadership Series
   and selected partner whitepapers.


   Assess your pricing maturity and tools to help build 
   your maturity roadmap.

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