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Impact Pricing: Your Blueprint for Driving Profits

Every business owner is haunted by this fundamental question. Expert pricing strategist Mark Stiving draws upon more than 15 years of experience in profitable pricing and delivers a practical plan to help you confidently answer.  Stiving breaks down critical pricing concepts and provides the blueprint to integrate proven pricing strategies into your growth plans.  Following in the footsteps of sited examples including Apple, BMW, McDonalds, Mercedes, and other market leaders, learn how to create a powerful price strategy that does more than cover costs.

Learn how to:
•Set prices that drive your market position
•Correctly use costs to make profitable pricing decisions
•Implement value-based pricing to charge what customers are willing to pay 
•Use price segmentation to leverage value and capture new business
•Cash-in on complementary products and product versions with portfolio pricing
•Prepare for changing conditions pricing strategically now


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