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The "EPIC Pricing Game ®"
Pricing in the metaverse

A serious learning game

Developed for training pricing teams.

In a world of continuous change, pricing managers need agility to assess the changing market conditions and even more important foresee and anticipate the change – or drive the change.   
Winning the pricing game makes the difference between high and low-profit performers in your business.

The Epic Pricing Game® is developed as a ‘serious game’ for training 
and an extremely effective learning journey for your pricing teams.

This EPIC Pricing Game is a co-creation between : EPP and PAGE-37.  
All rights reserved ©

The EPIC Pricing Game®

  1. A serious learning game based on 1/3 know-how sharing and 2/3 action learning (gaming)

  2. You can play it in the real world (in-person)

  3. Your environment is tailor-made to match your real-world competitive field

  4. Your teams play to win -> winning means realizing your strategy/goals

  5. You can play it in teams of min. 12 people up to 50 participants, competing in teams

  6. You can play it in one or two days (depending on your learning goals)

  7. The whole program and gaming is supported by seasoned pricing professionals

All rights reserved ©

The power of "serious gaming"

We developed this pricing game based on serious gaming principles to make learning really effective.
  • Serious games enable participants to learn in an interactive environment as close as possible to the real world.Our learning consultants adapt the gaming environment, making it possible to practice and compete within a close-to-your-reality world.    Retaining information and applying what is learned will be quickly translated.That’s what a ‘serious’ game is about.

  • Serious games are about action learning, which makes learning more effective

  • Serious games are about peer learning, which enhances team best practice sharing

  • The gaming spirit makes experimenting- in a safe environment which is close to their reality - fun (and yes, we all want to win) !

  • A last important advantage, for those responsible for the learning program, is that you constantly monitor the effectiveness of the learning objectives.

The Learning Flow

  1. 4 to 6 ‘serious gaming rounds’ support the learning objectives.

  2. Each learning objective is translated into a ‘theme’

Phase 1 :
Each ‘
theme’ is first introduced by a theory infusion (know-how sharing)

  1. Concepts/tools/examples are shared before the ‘gaming’ starts.

Phase 2 :
Game briefing & team decisions

  1. Teams receive additional documentation and insights on the specific ‘market environment’

  2. Teams receive the commercial goals to define their price strategy/policy

Phase 3 :
Teams set their prices, discount schemes, etc

Phase 4 :
Game round and debriefing

  1. One of the teams explains to the other groups the rationale of their decisions and the impact…