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Pricing trends, opportunities and challenges
within professional service firms
Stuart Dodds - co-founder - Positive Pricing


The Augmented Pricing Manager
How the coming of AI and Automation changes the Pricing Discipline
Manu Carricano - Founder TopLine Lab


From B2B to B2Me
Getting your data ready for the journey

Timo Martis & Frederik Vielhaber - Sposea



Keeping up with the Reference Pricing Landscape & Trends
and the Effects of the US's IPI.  
Alan Crowther - General Manager - Eversana




How to tackle shortfalls in revenue mgt & profit optimisation
Alejandra Garitonandia - Business Development Manager - Vistex



Digital Transformation and Pricing
Frank Frohmann - Business Development Manager Pricing - Vistex



Cron Job Starts