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Certified Pricing Executive - Fall Edition

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  • Overview

    The Certified Pricing Executive (CPEx) program is specifically designed for Executive Leadership, focusing on advanced aspects of pricing and emphasizing Value Monetization 

    This face-to-face program takes you on a 3-day learning journey to drive significant growth in your organizations while offering a comprehensive roadmap for mastering value innovation and value monetization. Additionally, it provides an excellent opportunity for networking and benchmarking with top pricing professionals. This leadership-oriented program is tailored to equip executives with the skills and insights to take charge of strategy and innovation, necessary for excelling in high-level pricing initiatives.

    Our Participant Profile

    The Certified Pricing Executive (CPEx) program is specifically designed for seasoned pricing managers and pricing leaders aspiring to elevate their mastery across core pricing competencies and lead impactful value monetization within their organizations.

    This advanced course is most beneficial for:

    • Senior pricing professionals with over 3 years of dedicated experience in pricing.
    • Pricing leaders' intent on furthering their development to effectively navigate and lead complex value monetization initiatives.
    • Executives and directors committed to driving growth and profitability through advanced pricing strategies and prepared to engage in a focused, executive-level learning experience.


    After completing our interactive on-site certification training, participants are invited to undertake an online certification exam for the Certified Pricing Executive B2B. This exam rigorously evaluates your understanding of essential concepts and your ability to apply this knowledge in practical, real-world situations. Successfully passing the exam not only demonstrates your grasp of the material but also reflects your dedication to achieving excellence. Earning the CPEx certification marks a significant milestone in your professional development, opening doors to enhanced career opportunities and industry recognition.

    Upon successfully finishing the program, you will receive a digital certificate as ‘Certified Pricing Executive B2B4 from EPP Pricing Platform, symbolizing your achievement and expertise.

  • EPP's Certified Pricing Executive (CPEx) Program is designed for leaders aiming for mastery in value monetization. Tailored explicitly for executive leadership, this program provides a detailed roadmap designed to boost your command over value strategies steering you toward value innovation.  

    You will progress, engage, and benchmark with our CPEX faculty and pricing peers, solidifying and advancing your pricing proficiency and acumen. 

    Program Modules:

    Module 1: The Pricing Framework

      • Develop an understanding of the EPP Pricing Maturity Model to Assess your organizational pricing maturity
      • Define your actionable pricing goals for the next 12 months

    Module 2: Pricing Strategy                   

      • Learn how to define and articulate a coherent pricing strategy aligned with your business objectives
      • Understand the competitive dynamics of pricing and determine your organization's position as a leader, follower, or challenger
      • Acquire skills to establish and utilize competitive pricing intelligence effectively
      • Grasp the fundamental concepts of effective pricing and apply them to your pricing strategies

    Module 3: Installing a Value Strategy

      • Master the transition from cost-based pricing to value-based pricing to optimize profitability
      • Equip yourself with leadership techniques to drive change in pricing strategies within your organization
      • Understand how to embed value-based pricing in the innovation cycle
      • Explore pricing strategies that support the digital buying process

    Module 4: Innovative Monetization Strategies   

      • Learn the methodologies for defining price models suitable for various offerings, including outcome-based and subscription models
      • Gain the ability to implement dynamic pricing strategies that adjust to market changes and consumer demand
      • Understand the principles of integrating sustainability into pricing, with a focus on carbon impact
      • Explore effective methods for setting prices for services
      • Learn strategies for managing pricing in highly volatile markets
      • Understand the implications of artificial intelligence on the evolution of pricing

    Module 5: Price Data Management & Technology

      • Learn to leverage technology for automating and optimizing pricing decisions
      • Gain insights into predictive pricing analytics for B2B contexts
      • Develop strategies for pricing complex deals effectively
      • Construct a compelling business case for the adoption of pricing software
      • Lead successful implementation of pricing software, ensuring smooth integration with business processes

    Module 6: Leading the Pricing Organization

      • Identify and establish the optimal operating model for your pricing team
      • Organize your pricing team to enhance efficiency and effectiveness
      • Cultivate growth and professional development within your pricing team to build a strong pricing team and culture
      • Thrive in change: actively learning how to navigate change.

    Module 7: Your Value Monetization Roadmap

      • Create a 12-month roadmap for your pricing strategy, with a focus on execution and results
      • Prepare for and achieve certification to validate your expertise in pricing strategy and execution


  • Avatar

    Head of Pricing & Commercial Excellence
    Dr. Marcus F. Demmelmair

    Dr. Marcus F. Demmelmair is Head of Pricing & Commercial Excellence within Horvath and leading the pricing practice. Marcus’ passion is to advise on commercial strategies leveraging new business models, analytics & artificial intelligence as well as innovative technologies. Over 10 years of consulting, Marcus has helped clients find new levers for top-line growth across various B2C and B2B industries in Europe, Asia, and the US.


    Strategy Principal Director
    Daniel Lindner 

    Daniel Lindner works as a Strategy Principal Director in the European Pricing & Commercial Excellence team at Accenture. He specializes in achieving measurable and sustainable success through cutting-edge pricing strategies.

    With a track record spanning back to 2012, Daniel has successfully led over 100 consulting projects in pricing. His academic foundation includes studies in International Management and Marketing (M.Sc.) at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, complemented by valuable experience at renowned consulting firms. As a dedicated trainer in the EPP's Certification Program, Daniel imparts his expertise to pricing professionals. He frequently takes the stage as a speaker, sharing insights, and regularly contributes thought leadership through publications on Commercial Excellence. Beyond his professional engagements, he is a passionate long-distance runner.


    CEO & Researcher
    Dr. Markus Husemann-Kopetzky

    Dr. Markus Husemann-Kopetzky is an experienced pricing expert, passionate researcher, and the founder of the Price Management Institute, a consulting firm helping (online) retailers & e-commerce players to grow top and bottom line.

    As a guest researcher at the Freie Universität Berlin, Markus contributes to cutting-edge pricing research, teaches Master's students, and advises doctoral researchers. In his professional career, Markus held consulting, management, and pricing leadership roles in various industries for 15+ years. Since 2022, Markus supports the Pricing & Commercial Excellence Practice of Horváth as a Senior Advisor.


    Strategy Manager
    Polina Pavlova

    Polina Pavlova is a Strategy Manager in the European Pricing Team at Accenture with a track record of >25 pricing projects for CPG / Retail / Chemicals clients. Her focus topics are pricing strategy, price modeling & analytics. Being data-driven, Polina has led several projects as a product owner – developing customized proprietary pricing solutions and configuring 3rd party pricing software. Within her junior years at Accenture Polina also created machine learning pricing algorithms (e.g., Bayesian hierarchical modeling) and is still keen on deepening her expertise in that area of intelligent pricing.

  • Dates & Fees

    Start : 22 Oct 2024 at 09:00
    Duration : 3 days
    Location : Lisbon (The Eurostars Das Letras)
    Fees : €4395.00


    15% discount if you register with 2
    25 % discount if you register with 3 or more
    10% discount for our CPM Alumni
    €300 discount on certification programs for EPP Prime Members
    €150 discount on open programs for EPP Prime Members

    Hotel info

    The CPEx Program takes place in the Eurostars Das Letras, located in the historic heart of Lisbon. The boutique hotel is less than 500 metres away from the statues of Avenida da Liberdade and less than a 5-minute walk to the Avenida Metro Station.


    EPP has secured a preferential room rate at the Eurostars Das Letras, exclusively for the attendees to this training for €239.00 per room per night (buffet breakfast and VAT included). In order to benefit from this preferential rate and more information, please contact Francisco Porcel on


    Rua Castilho 6-12 Lisbon
    1250-069 Portugal

    • Please note that the program fee does not include travel expenses, accommodation, individually organized dinners and other incidentals.
    • VAT shall apply at prevailing rates according to local (country of training) laws and regulations.
    • We try to negotiate special hotel rates if possible - please ask the hotel for the best rates.
    • If you have special requests, please connect with
    • Please note that EPP reserves the right to cancel or postpone events/sessions, or alter the country, location or venue in case of force-majeur, unforeseen circumstances, or if minimum registration numbers are not met. In case of such cancellation, postponement or alteration by EPP, registrants will receive a rollover credit for attendance at the rescheduled sessions.
    • For more information we refer to our Terms and Conditions.