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4th Edition Q2/2024

Empowering the Pricing & RGM Community with Actionable Knowledge

Welcome to our new online pricing publication, EPP Pulse. In today's fast-paced business environment, staying connected and sharing expertise is more important than ever. EPP Pulse is designed to facilitate both aspects, offering relevant content for our community while simultaneously creating opportunities for you to contribute with your own experiences and insights.

Actionable Insights
Fabrizio Bianchi | Industry Principal Consumer Products Industry | Vistex
The consumer products industry is undergoing a significant shift towards online channels. E-commerce is a consolidated reality for all the main categories of CP, offering vast opportunities for companies to reach new customers, leverage new ways of selling and ultimately improve revenues. However, navigating the online landscape can be complex without having the right guidance. Ecommerce requires a clear strategy for all components of Revenue Growth Management and dedicated tools to sustain it. In this article, we delve into the current landscape of ecommerce for consumer products, exploring the cutting-edge strategies shaping the industry. We'll highlight the pivotal role of Digital Shelf Intelligence (DSI) capabilities and how their adoption can empower manufacturers to optimize performance and navigate the digital marketplace effectively.
Kaushal Kishore | Pricing transformation consultant | Merck
The case study talks about a Pharma industry example of mature brand portfolio facing YoY sales erosion of around 5 %. This was slightly mitigated by implementing a global gross to net optimization framework for key mature brands leading to topline improvement of approx 8.3 Mn Eur and bottomline improvement of around 2.3 Mn Eur in the first wave. This example illustrates that GtN optimization can be an impactful exercise especially for mature product portfolio. If done in the right way, this framework can lead to million-dollar impact on portfolio.
Gabor Kapus | VP Commercial Policy, Pricing & Quotation Transformation Deployment | Schneider Electric
The B2B sector has made significant strides in pricing maturity, but now is the time to rethink the role of pricing in the context of ongoing technological and operational innovations, embracing a vision of "Pricing beyond Pricing."
Pedro Soares | Head of Pricing | OMIO
A brief summary of how Artificial Intelligence, one of the most sophisticated approaches in Pricing and Revenue Growth Management, can improve the performance of your business and how to implement it in your company.
Sandeep Mathew | Sales & Marketing Leader | Unilever
Most businesses drive their topline price growth by increasing the average price of their products, which is usually done by either increasing the sale price of the products or reducing the intensity of promotions on them. There is often an overlooked third lever, one that does not affect the existing price of your products – Portfolio Mix. What exactly is portfolio mix? Why is it often overlooked? How can this generate a better quality of price growth than Price and Promotions? For all this and more, take a look at the article.

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