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3rd Edition Q4/2023

Empowering the Pricing & RGM Community with Actionable Knowledge

Welcome to our new online pricing publication, EPP Pulse. In today's fast-paced business environment, staying connected and sharing expertise is more important than ever. EPP Pulse is designed to facilitate both aspects, offering relevant content for our community while simultaneously creating opportunities for you to contribute with your own experiences and insights.

Actionable Insights
Jean-Manuel Izaret | Global leader | BCG
The increasing power of artificial intelligence and machine learning now enables companies to experiment and “run the numbers” on any range of prices they wish. They can look for an optimized uniform price for everyone or pursue near-complete price personalization in real time.
3rd Edition | Q4 2023
Ruven Remo Eul | Principal | Marbls
The Life Sciences industry is constantly evolving, driven by innovations, market dynamics, and regulatory changes. One critical aspect that often goes overlooked is the management of Loss of Exclusivity (LOE). LOE represents a pivotal point in a product's lifecycle when market exclusivity ends, opening the door to generic competition. Unfortunately, many companies fail to proactively plan and manage their LOE transitions, leaving them vulnerable to immense revenue erosion and market share loss.
3rd Edition | Q4 2023
Pol Vanaerde | President of EPP | EPP
Words wield remarkable power in shaping perceptions and facilitating understanding. For a couple of years now, we have observed that the word ‘pricing’ for many teams does not cover the full modern, and more strategic, role and intent – and in a sense is simply not the right word.
3rd Edition | Q4 2023
Jeet Mukherjee | Chief Strategy Officer, Head of Pricing | Holden Advisors
A company’s pricing power is critical to its long-term growth and value. But what exactly is pricing power? How do you get it?
3rd Edition | Q4 2023
Real-life Optimal Pricing in a dynamic market leveraging Predictive AI
George Boretos | Founder and CEO | FutureUP (
Leveraging advanced Predictive AI to optimize pricing amidst a dynamic market with varying inflation, economic slowdowns, and increased competitor rivalry. The article includes real-life evidence of positive business impact.
3rd Edition | Q4 2023

2nd Edition Q3/2023

  • How to achieve excellence in price execution 

    Mateus Barros | Senior Strategy, Analytics & Pricing Executive
  • Nurturing the Pricing and Value Mind-Set to Fuel the Growth: A Bottom-Up Approach

    Maria Kolesnikova | Pricing Manager
  • Six RGM Levers to Win in the Current Crisis

    Dan Zatta | Head of Sales, Pricing & TopLine Strategies and Partner
  • Optimising Profits through Price Sensitivity:

    Arian Oosthoek | Co-founder
  • Pricing system implementation-an attempt in the right direction 

    Kaushal Kishore | Pricing transformation consultant

1st Edition Q2/2023

  • Navigating the Pricing Odyssey 

    Ignasi Moreno | Pricing & Analytics Manager
  • The 7 Misconceptions of SaaS Pricing  

    Dr. Marcus F. Demmelmair - Principal
  • Mastering the Language of Pricing 

    Ebrahim Elebiary | Sales Operations & Pricing Director - Commercial EU
  • Giving Voice to Dynamic Pricing 

    Dr. Jose Mendoza | Associate Professor of Practice in Retailing and Consumer Sciences
  • Pricing Lessons from Startups 

    Dr. Ian Tidswell | Founder and CEO
  • Mastering Data Quality

    José Vela | Global Director of Pricing

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