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Welcome to EPP - Pricing and RGM Platform

Formed in 2006 the EPP Pricing Platform is a 'not-for-profit' organisation providing professional guidance and advocating on behalf of the global Pricing* (revenue and margin growth management) and RGM community.

* Pricing has no proper translation in many languages and can be confusing.  The role of 'pricing' is strategic by nature and covers the full 'price waterfall' with a focus on both "Revenue and Margin Growth Management”.




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Trusted by the biggest brands in the world

Embark on a transformative journey in pricing and revenue growth management with us. We are proud to have partnered with several esteemed companies, guiding them through our learning programs and thoughtfully curated events, aimed at learning from the best in the field. Your meaningful pricing and RGM transformation begins right here.

Leading Experts, Leading Insights

We leverage our expertise and partner with top tier pricing and RGM experts to bring you the most relevant and actionable insights. And we invite leading professionals to share their views and expertise - in our learning programs and events - to keep you up to date with the latest topics impacting your pricing and RGM roadmaps.


Make professional development a continuous part of your pricing management career. Make it a priority to learn and improve your skill set and in return you will increase both your value to your organization and enhance your future career prospects.


The EPP Certified Pricing Manager® Programmes are global standards. The EPP Certified Pricing Manager® programme is proven to be the ideal executive learning programme to support organisational pricing maturity development. Certification is based on real business project success.


The EPP knows pricing – and our mission is to support your personal and organisational pricing maturity and career. Our research team is connected with the best pricing experts, practitioners and technology providers for the most exceptional learning and connecting during the EPP conferences.

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