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EPP in-company training

At EPP, we are driven by a mission to spread profound pricing and revenue growth management (RGM) knowledge. In line with this commitment, we offer specialized pricing training programs that can be tailored to your organization's unique needs and objectives.

Customized Training Programs:

Our customized training programs are meticulously designed to empower your organization with the tools and insights needed to excel in the dynamic world of pricing. We understand that every company is distinct, and that's why our training can be tailored to align seamlessly with your specific requirements.

Tailored to Your Needs:

Our tailored training programs are developed with your company in mind. We work closely with you to understand your challenges, objectives, and industry

nuances. This collaborative approach ensures that the training is not just informative but also directly applicable to your business context.

Achieving Your Goals:

These customized programs have consistently proven to be a powerful solution for equipping your teams with the knowledge, skills, and the confidence required to take the lead in margin improvement and pricing projects as well as revenue growth management excellence. We are here to support your journey towards enhancing profitability and efficiency.

Building High-Performance Pricing Teams:

Additionally, our programs are designed to mold high-performance pricing and RGM teams within your organization. We focus on fostering a culture of pricing & RGM excellence, where your teams become adept at driving value and optimizing revenue. 

Why Choose EPP?

  • Expertise: Our network of pricing and RGM experts brings years of experience and a deep understanding of the pricing and RGM landscape.
  • Flexibility: We adapt our training programs to your unique needs and schedule.
  • Real-World Application: Our training is not just theoretical; it's practical and directly applicable to your business.
  • Proven Results: Our track record of success speaks for itself. Our clients have seen tangible improvements in pricing and profitability.

Get Started:

By choosing EPP, you're not just investing in training; you're investing in the future of your organization.

Our customized pricing training programs empower pricing and RGM professionals to make data-driven pricing decisions, navigate market fluctuations, and maintain a competitive edge. They also transform into trusted advisors, achieving high ROI through actionable insights.

Take the first step toward unlocking the full potential of your organization. Contact us today to discuss how our tailored pricing & RGM training programs can elevate your team's capabilities and drive profitability.

Do not hesitate to connect with EPP Academy, if you need help or addtional information on your program.


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EPP as your learning partner

We recognize the immense value that team-based training brings to organizations. By participating in our training programs as a cohesive unit, your team will benefit from enhanced alignment, internal reflection, and meaningful cross-team discussions.

We take pride in offering a comprehensive array of programs tailored to meet your specific needs. Choose from our diverse open program portfolio, convenient online program options, or opt for the esteemed Certified Pricing Manager program. Whatever format you prefer, whether it's online, virtual live, in-person, or a blended approach, we are committed to delivering a learning experience that prioritizes quality and interactivity.

Our focus is on providing actionable insights that drive tangible growth and secure a competitive advantage for your company. Through our high-impact training, your team will gain the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in today's dynamic business landscape, positioning your organization at the forefront of success.

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