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Meet the Team

Professionalism, teamwork, ownership and ambition.

The EPP Team: Expertise and Experience

Our people embody our innovative approach and culture, working in a squads, with no classic management layers in a digital and remote environment. We work in multidisciplinary teams (squads) around industries and activities to understand your challenges and develop meaningful programs, events and content that create value for your business. That drives us – every day. And we put the bar high when it comes to performance.

We are all selected as highly motivated and ambitious people used (and love) to work in an international culture and context. Bringing relevant and meaningful learning programs, events, content and networking drives us.

We value professionalism, teamwork, ownership and ambition.

Digital Marketeer
Ani Dungerwal
Events Manager
Francisco Porcel
Sr Learning & Development Manager
Helena Gomes
Head of Events Marketing
Kunie Akahoshi
Events Producer
Mariana Flores
Academy Program Office
Marta Amaral
Event Marketing Services
Marta Pinha
Community Relations Manager
Marta Ubeda
Pol Vanaerde
Events Producer
Sabrina Wilson
e-Learning Manager
Sara Tavares
Event Marketeer
Silvia Pradas
Partner Relations Director
Sinead Rodgers