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Sustainability Pricing – A Framework to develop sustainable pricing strategies

Webinar, 2023

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The transformation of the economy in terms of sustainability and decarbonization is no longer just a trend or a voluntary ethical commitment, but increasingly a tough legal obligation. In addition to national law such as CO2 taxes, companies are increasingly obliged to comply with strict ESG standards to ensure favorable financing conditions or actively commit themselves to initiatives such as "science-based targets".

In order to achieve these ambitious goals, price management has a linch-pin function: On the one hand, value-adding "green" features such as sustainable materials or emission-neutral transport can be monetized, on the other hand, the sale of harmful products can become disproportionately expensive to improve the overall CO2 balance of a company. Applying a practice-oriented framework, we derive options and directions for "sustainability-relevant pricing" strategies to anchor "sustainability" holistically throughout the company.

Omnichannel pricing: How to Enable Consistent, Dynamic and Automated Pricing Across Channels

Webinar, Zilliant, 2023

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This is no small task for manufacturers, most of whom are slowed by localized pricing logic buried in legacy systems as well as manual approaches to eCommerce price management and deal desk functions. Discover an opportunity to power real-time omnichannel pricing and intelligent automated negotiation without painful or costly disruptions to entrenched systems. Learn how to integrate personalized, revenue-driving actions in eCommerce channels that increase wallet-share and your order size.

How can AI-powered solutions like ChatGPT increase organizations’ margins? In dialogue with business concerns

Webinar, 2023

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With all the noise surrounding ChatGPT, AI has become a topic that everyone seems to have a hot take on… But what is AI exactly, and how can it help solve business challenges?
Join István Czilik and Pavel Verblyudenko in a candid discussion on AI and its associated advantages and risks in a business context, as well as the one that plagues us all: is it going to take over our jobs? They’ll be happy to answer your questions and talk through your concerns.

• GMs, CEOs, CFOs, CTOs
• Finance directors and managers
• Revenue management directors and managers
• Anyone interested in increasing margins using advanced technology

• What is ChatGPT and AI?
• How can AI be integrated into business?
• How can it drastically improve pricing and RGM?
• What are the risks associated with AI?
• Will AI be making decisions for me?
• Where is AI headed?
• Is it going to take my job?

More Turbulence is Coming: Prepare Your Pricing Team for Takeoff

Webinar, 2023

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Global organizations are reeling from the impacts of inflation, recession, supply chain disruption, and political upheaval. Despite these troubling macroeconomic events, strategic pricing has the power to improve profitability, growth, and revenue. But recent research shows that pricing maturity has declined across the board, with 41% of organizations operating at a level one pricing structure. As we look ahead toward more turbulence, now is the time to go back to the basics. In this webinar, hear from Chris Kennedy-Sloane and Darius Fekete about how to build an effective pricing function that will generate a greater return on investment in any economic state. Discover:
• Findings from EPP and Vendavo’s 4th Global Pricing Maturity Study
• How to formalize and scale up your pricing function for success
• How to improve data accessibility and invest in technology to drive strategic price decisions
• How to assess the maturity of your own pricing function and identify steps for improvement

Opportunities for Pricing Maturity and Profits in 2023

2022, Webinar

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Since 2019, we’ve seen a slight decline in overall pricing maturity across organizations. In fact, according to EPP and Vendavo’s 2022 Global Pricing Maturity Report, 87% of companies are still using excel or similar as their main pricing tool, and many of them report using internal judgement around pricing rather than structured tactics and strategies. Improving your pricing maturity is key to unlocking revenue, growth, and profitability in 2023 and beyond. Join this webinar to hear from Robert Irwin, SVP Business Consulting and Pol Vanaerde, President at EPP, as they discuss:
• Key findings from the 2022 Global Pricing Maturity Report
• Asssessing your commercial excellence and identifying opportunities for improvement
• Specific steps you can take to improve your revenue and profitability in 2023

Future of HTA in Europe

2022, Webinar, Eversana

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As 2025 and EU HTA marches closer, the EU has continued to put pressure for faster access, submission in more markets more quickly, and given signs of ways in which joint price negotiation or procurement might play a role. What is the latest on the Future of HTA and Pricing in EU launches, and how should price and market access leaders plan for the coming changes.

Consumer-centric approach to better navigate inflation and set pricing strategies

2022, Webinar, SKIM

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SKIM’s RGM Lead Robin de Rooij will share more about SKIM’s consumer-centric approach to strategically navigating inflation. We will start by identifying consumer changes due to inflation, and how these might impact pricing strategies. We will then assess how primary research can help stress-test possible strategies, and how wargaming can help create more stakeholder alignment quickly, so you can respond to changes faster, and come out ahead of competition.
What you’ll learn:
• In this session, you will learn how to take a more consumer-centric approach to navigating inflation
• It further shows how to move away from short-term, tactical solutions, and more towards strategic changes to come out on top of competition amidst disruption
• A three-step process outlines exactly how historical data, primary data, and stakeholder alignment work together for better pricing strategies.

Get Ahead of Inflation & Volatility with Proven Pricing Strategies

2022, Webinar, Zilliant

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As input prices continue to rise, margin leakage grows for many B2B companies. This is because the legacy tools and processes being used to update and manage prices – already dated in the digital commerce age – are now completely inadequate to deal with inflationary pressures, supply chain volatility, and a pending deflationary environment. A new era demands new pricing strategies and capabilities. Attend this session to learn how companies can embrace an innovative approach to price management to get ahead of inflation – and their competition. From this webinar, you will learn: · Inflation and other economic volatility’s impact on the price list and agreement management status quo · An exploration of the gaps in typical B2B pricing strategies that must be bridged · A templatized approach to price waterfalls and cross-functional collaboration within one system of price management · How to streamline agreement management and automate commercial interactions

How Big Data enables next level in Promotion Optimization

2022, Webinar, Vistex

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Complexity and speed in changes of the new reality require CP companies to incorporate into their decision-making processes more and more information coming from multiple sources not already structured. Let’s see how Big Data can enhance planning and optimization in Revenue Growth Management with the main focus on Promotions.

Pricing and RGM strategy for challenging times

2022, Webinar, Buyonomics

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Global uncertainty driven by cost inflation and covid is the largest challenge for pricing and RGM managers in over a decade. In this webinar, buynomics founder Dr. Ingo Reinhardt explains how pricing and RGM strategy can help companies weather the current maelstrom of risks that impact their daily work - from theory to implementation.

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