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Get Ahead of Inflation & Volatility with Proven Pricing Strategies

2022, Webinar, Zilliant

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As input prices continue to rise, margin leakage grows for many B2B companies. This is because the legacy tools and processes being used to update and manage prices – already dated in the digital commerce age – are now completely inadequate to deal with inflationary pressures, supply chain volatility, and a pending deflationary environment. A new era demands new pricing strategies and capabilities. Attend this session to learn how companies can embrace an innovative approach to price management to get ahead of inflation – and their competition. From this webinar, you will learn: · Inflation and other economic volatility’s impact on the price list and agreement management status quo · An exploration of the gaps in typical B2B pricing strategies that must be bridged · A templatized approach to price waterfalls and cross-functional collaboration within one system of price management · How to streamline agreement management and automate commercial interactions

How Big Data enables next level in Promotion Optimization

2022, Webinar, Vistex

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Complexity and speed in changes of the new reality require CP companies to incorporate into their decision-making processes more and more information coming from multiple sources not already structured. Let’s see how Big Data can enhance planning and optimization in Revenue Growth Management with the main focus on Promotions.

Pricing and RGM strategy for challenging times

2022, Webinar, Buyonomics

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Global uncertainty driven by cost inflation and covid is the largest challenge for pricing and RGM managers in over a decade. In this webinar, buynomics founder Dr. Ingo Reinhardt explains how pricing and RGM strategy can help companies weather the current maelstrom of risks that impact their daily work - from theory to implementation.

How to start a pricing journey using an intelligent and automated dashboarding solution

2022, Webinar, Predictive Layer

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Patrick Van Osta, Chief Commercial Officer, Predictive Layer; Loic Ruiz, Datascientist, Predictive Layer

Over the last two years a series of unexpected events such as coronavirus, war in Ukraine, Brexit has scrambled global business generating high volatility.
What is the trade-off between stabilization and reactivity in BtoB pricing when volatility creates uncertainty and future is difficult to forecast? How to successfully navigate this unique situation?
Price optimisation is one of the most efficient levers available to maximise profit. Having a clear view of where you can adjust prices is key to avoid leaving any potential revenue on the table.
Discover our AI profit-increasing pricing solution; a vital tool for any company that wants to create or develop their pricing strategies and optimise their revenue. The Genius Price Checker software is often considered our entry-level pricing solution. Made to be used without pricing expertise, this tool will provide clear insights into your business’ pricing opportunities.

Importance of Analogue Search in Price Valuation throughout the Product Lifecycle

2022, Webinar

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Alan Crowther, General Manager, Global Pricing, Acess and Digital Solutions, Eversana; Andrew Hanhauser, Senior Vice President, Eversana

A detailed review of analogue searches and reviews and how to best use them in supporting research and decision-making, including:
- Reviews of different approaches
- Why analogue research and tools are ever-evolving
- Case studies and examples of unusual analogue searches and results

Live walkthrough of various scenarios with EVERSANA's NAVLIN analogue tool.

The Pricing Model Revolution - How innovate monetization strategies will provide a sustainable competitive edge

2022, Webinar, Horváth

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Monetization of your offering strongly influences your company’s profitability. The question is which pricing model best fits to your offering. During our webinar you will learn about different, innovative pricing models and their application to various solution types. Thereby, we will use real project examples as well as best practices to emphasize how these price models can be executed to create a sustainable competitive edge.

Use of AI, simulation and prediction techniques in tender bidding

2022, Webinar, Eversana

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A provocative in-depth discussion of the benefits and challenges with predictive pricing tools, including:

  • How to best use them in decision and support?
  • What they can't do and mistakes in using them?
  • How to avoid the hype and use them pragmatically?
  • Often overlooked aspects like legal implications.

How to drive reactive pricing in a context of inflation, with the help of AI

2022, Webinar

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  • Should we review the entire business model when purchasing costs are multiplied by 4?
  • Innovation pricing: What is the best way we have found to increase prices in a fair and transparent way?
  • How to fine-tune communication with the customer to limit complaints or breaches of contract? Key success factors:
  • What have we changed in monitoring the competition to guarantee the success of the operation?
  • Inventive sellers, marketing, legal… what are the best practices?

Revenue Management Today and Tomorrow: RGM capabilities at the forefront of the FMCG agenda

2022, Webinar

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Presenters Kerem Cataner, Director of Sales, Kantar XTEL together with Ed Bishop, Head of Pre-Sales, EMEA, APAC, LATAM, Kantar XTEL will highlight the key findings from the recent global RGM study (published May 2022). Tapping into their expertise they will also describe how thinking and acting holistically, and building end to end processes that enable insights to focus on actionability, can be combined to balance the impact of the different revenue management levers. They will also explain how this holistic approach can support profitable growth by allowing agility to adapt plans, create and capture value whilst also mitigating any potential risks.

Boost your Profit: The Importance of Commercial Policies

2022, Webinar

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There’s no doubt that the pharmaceutical industry is navigating a profound transformation. Markets are shifting rapidly and companies are struggling to adapt their commercial models for competitive advantage.
These changes triggered by the current situation and new government pricing pressures require agility and a better time to market.

In our next webinar, we will see how commercial policies can play an important role in helping companies like yours steer commercial initiatives to make sure they are aligned with company strategies.

Join us to find out how to:

  • think beyond just pricing
  • improve your time-to-market for any commercial activity
  • use commercial policies to prevent margin leakages

Join the webinar to find out how to establish a commercial policy framework that can help speed up contract approvals and efficiencies in your company.

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