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How can AI-powered solutions like ChatGPT increase organizations’ margins? In dialogue with business concerns

With all the noise surrounding ChatGPT, AI has become a topic that everyone seems to have a hot take on… But what is AI exactly, and how can it help solve business challenges?
Join István Czilik and Pavel Verblyudenko in a candid discussion on AI and its associated advantages and risks in a business context, as well as the one that plagues us all: is it going to take over our jobs? They’ll be happy to answer your questions and talk through your concerns.

• GMs, CEOs, CFOs, CTOs
• Finance directors and managers
• Revenue management directors and managers
• Anyone interested in increasing margins using advanced technology

• What is ChatGPT and AI?
• How can AI be integrated into business?
• How can it drastically improve pricing and RGM?
• What are the risks associated with AI?
• Will AI be making decisions for me?
• Where is AI headed?
• Is it going to take my job?

Omnichannel pricing: How to Enable Consistent, Dynamic and Automated Pricing Across Channels

This is no small task manufacturers, most of whom are slowed by localized pricing logic buried in legacy systems as well as manual approaches to eCommerce price management and deal desk functions. Discover an opportunity to power real-time omnichannel pricing and intelligent automated negotiation without painful or costly disruptions to entrenched systems. Learn how to integrate personalized, revenue-driving actions in eCommerce channels that increase wallet-share and your order size.

Sustainability Pricing – A Framework to develop sustainable pricing strategies

The transformation of the economy in terms of sustainability and decarbonization is no longer just a trend or a voluntary ethical commitment, but increasingly a tough legal obligation. In addition to national law such as CO2 taxes, companies are increasingly obliged to comply with strict ESG standards to ensure favorable financing conditions or actively commit themselves to initiatives such as "science-based targets".

In order to achieve these ambitious goals, price management has a linch-pin function: On the one hand, value-adding "green" features such as sustainable materials or emission-neutral transport can be monetized, on the other hand, the sale of harmful products can become disproportionately expensive to improve the overall CO2 balance of a company. Applying a practice-oriented framework, we derive options and directions for "sustainability-relevant pricing" strategies to anchor "sustainability" holistically throughout the company.

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