EPP is the leading global association for pricing, revenue growth managers and monetization professionals.

EPP is a not-for-profit organization, working on your behalf to advance the pricing, revenue growth management and monetization profession, worldwide.

Our mission is to support our members to dramatically improve top line revenues and profitability through personal and organizational pricing maturity development.

The EPP is, since 2006, on the front of supporting pricing and monetisation leaders with on- and offline knowledge sharing initiatives and events.

We expose pricing professionals around the world to state of the art processes, techniques, tools and network to enable them to boost both their career and top line revenues & profits.  We deliver through our globally recognized Certified Pricing Manager Programs, resources, tools, a large offer of professional training programs (EPP Academy) and conferences (EPP Forums) with excellent knowledge sharing and networking opportunities.

If you are you looking to improve your organisational pricing maturity, need help bringing your pricing journey to the next level, or if you are looking to learn how to better champion your next price management initiative, EPP is here to help.  
We support you with ;

  • Open trainings ;
  • In-company and on-demand trainings ;
  • Certification programs ; 
  • Virtual learning programs ;
  • Workshops and seminars ;
  • Conferences ;
  • A large digital library of articles, presentations and white papers;
  • A membership community
  • Career service

To make this happen, we partner with the top pricing consultants, pricing software vendors and research partners – who believe it’s important for the industry to invest in individual and organizational pricing maturity development.   We work closely together with the global pricing community, our EPP member community and the CPM Alumni to further invest in relevant knowledge sharing.   

Bit of history...

It began as a diner in a restaurant in Driebergen (The Netherlands) among 4 pricing managers and Pol Vanaerde, all clients at that time of Pol.  It was a continuation of several months of discussions between them how they could share best practices and learn from each other.  There was no organisation supporting the pricing community in Europe.    By the conclusion of the diner,  it was decided that a new organization should be formed to provide a means for pricing managers to share best practices, to learn and discuss common problems in a legal correct environment, respecting the competitive legislation.   The principles, code of conduct (checked by competitive lawyers 'Stibbe') and organisation were evaluated and decided.  Pol Vanaerde was asked to set-up the formal membership organisation and the discussions resulted in the first formal EPP Pricing Refuel Days in Amsterdam, shortly thereafter followed by trainings and the need for a certification program and ... much more.

From the start , the EPP is designed around 3 important principles ;

  • not-for-profit
  • give-and-take
  • open, neutral and unbiased  
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