1st Edition Q2/2023

Expert Interview
"I advise my clients to react early enough and move with inflation."
An interview with Dr. Danilo Zatta
Management Advisor & Keynote Speaker
Price management is not only the strongest but also the fastest lever for increasing profits. In the current environment with inflation and sharp cost increases, managing pricing well is even more important. In addition, many companies are discovering how innovative pricing models are becoming the new source of competitive advantage. 
1st Edition | Q2-2023

"Empowering the Pricing & RGM Community with Actionable Knowledge"

Camelia Levintza, MBA, CPP
Editor-in-Chief | EPP Pulse – Journal of Pricing & RGM
Welcome to our new online pricing publication, EPP Pulse. In today's fast-paced business environment, staying connected and sharing expertise is more important than ever. EPP Pulse is designed to facilitate both aspects, offering relevant content for our community while simultaneously creating opportunities for you to contribute with your own experiences and insights.
1st Edition | Q2-2023
Actionable Insights
An Agile Approach to Pricing Innovation for Large Enterprises 
Dr. Ian Tidswell | Founder and CEO
Fast-growing Startup and Scale-up companies face many challenges in setting their pricing, most notably a lack of market information and resources. In our work with over 70 fast-growing SMBs over the last five years, we have developed a process to help them quickly define and price their solutions using a structured hypothesis-driven approach. 
1st Edition | Q2-2023
Overcoming Obstacles and Harnessing Opportunities for Physical Retailers 
Dr. Jose Mendoza | Associate Professor of Practice in Retailing and Consumer Sciences
Dynamic pricing is becoming increasingly popular in the retail industry, particularly among online retailers, as it offers a more targeted pricing approach. However, implementing dynamic pricing for physical retailers can be challenging, particularly due to the dual-channel pricing problem of keeping prices consistent between online and offline channels.
1st Edition | Q2-2023
And How To Do It Better! 
Dr. Marcus F. Demmelmair | Francesco Quartuccio | Ineke Katharina Wessendorf (Horváth)
This article sheds light on the key challenges that companies face when monetising SaaS offerings. Despite the enormous growth potential of the SaaS market, firms often struggle to extract the promised and generated value from their innovative services.
1st Edition | Q2-2023
Best Practices for Product Data Governance and Successful Pricing Initiatives 
José Vela | Global Director of Pricing
The success of pricing initiatives is often hindered by a lack of executive buy-in, resistance to change, and limited resources. However, one critical factor that can limit the success of any pricing project is poor data quality.
1st Edition | Q2-2023
A Comprehensive Guide to Transforming Your Pricing Policy 
Ignasi Moreno | Pricing & Analytics Manager
This article outlines a comprehensive approach to developing and implementing a new pricing policy that is adaptable to various goals, such as increasing sales or optimising margins, all with the aim of maximising profits and promoting sustainability.
1st Edition | Q2-2023
Building a Strong Pricing Culture in Your Organization 
Ebrahim Elebiary | Sales Operations & Pricing Director - Commercial EU
This article explores a different maturity scale for pricing departments in organisations that focus on the ability to effectively communicate technical pricing knowledge across all levels of the organisation. The most successful companies with respect to pricing run pricing, value, and revenue management as part of their culture rather than as a standalone department or project.
1st Edition | Q2-2023