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Certified Revenue Growth Manager®

Certified Revenue Growth Manager

The Certified Revenue Growth Manager certificate is the highest level of professional education in this field. It's designed to help you deal with the unique challenges of revenue growth management.

Whether you want to start a career in revenue growth management, update your knowledge, or take on more leadership responsibilities, this program can help you grow professionally and personally.

The program focuses on the five key factors that drive revenue growth, giving you practical insights and skills to succeed in this area. It's a way to show that you're highly skilled in revenue growth management and can deliver real value to your organization. 

How you benefit

Gain insight on organic growth

Learn how to use data systematically to analyze the market.

Come up with actionable recommendations that generate profitable growth

Learn how to navigate your organization through the toughest growth challenges

Engage in real time application for immediate impact

Become the RGM ambassador in your organization.

Become a Certified Revenue Growth manager.

Do not hesitate to connect with Ripsime Matevosian, learning & development manager, if you need help or addtional information on your program.

Upcoming CRGM Classes

EPP's Certified Revenue Growth Manager (CRGM) program is designed to help navigate the unique and real-world challenges of revenue growth management. The program is anchored on how to best grow brands and categories using the five levers of revenue growth management: pricing, pack price architecture, product mix, price promotions, and trade investments. 

Upcoming Sessions

Start19 Nov 2024
Duration4 days
Location Brussels

Frequently Asked Questions about CPM

Is it possible to have an in-company version of the certifications?

Absolutely! Any of our certifications can be delivered specifically for your team and can even be customized to meet your team's unique needs. The program can be delivered either face-to-face or as a virtual live session, providing flexibility and tailored learning experiences.

Are there benefits and group rates for enrolling multiple employees from the same company or organization in Certification programs? 

Absolutely! We encourage corporate teams to engage collectively in our Certification programs, as this amplifies the learning experience and overall impact. Enrolling as a team, or with professional peers, offers advantages such as enhanced team alignment, richer discussions, and shared learning experiences. To support this collaborative approach, we offer special group rates:

When you bring a colleague, both of you receive a 15% discount on your enrollment fees.

Register as a group of three and enjoy a 25% discount on each enrollment. For detailed information or to discuss these group rates, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Are there special savings for EPP Prime members in Certification programs?

Absolutely! EPP Prime members should log in to their accounts to unlock exclusive savings. A discount of 300 euros is applicable to all Certification programs.

Can I get a discount by combining enrollments in Certification programs?

Yes, indeed! Alumni and participants who combine enrollments in different Certification programs within a 12-month period are eligible for a 10% discount.

See what our clients and partners are saying about CPM Pharma

Manager Business Analysis
Lei Wang PhD
Tillotts Pharma AG

The CPM Pharma is an excellent training program offered by EPP. It has very broad coverage of topics related to pri...

Senior Strategic Pricing & Business Manager
Linda Thalmüller
FresenIus medical Care

Great experience, relevant insight backed up with sound practical  experience of trainers that makes you reflect.

Market Access Manager
Janis Sillins

The EPP CPM Program provides well balance of theoretical and practical knowledge on Pharma pricing. It is great opp...

Global Pricing & Health Economy
Massimo Orlando
Alfasigma Spa

I found the CPM Pharma course a very complete, inspiring and structured opportunity to lay the fundamentals for exc...

Pricing manager
Mounib Jaballah

I appreciated the CPM®_level2 programme as it was oriented on “how we can avoid margin leakage?”.  Really result an...

Strategy Implementation Manager
Federico Boccardo

Before joining the Certiffied Pricing Manager Program my organisation didn’t have a defined view on its pricing mat...