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EPP Customised Programs

We develop learning programs for all levels of your organization so that new capabilities, behaviors and mindsets are broadly adapted and implemented. We partner with you to create al learning solution directly tied to your organizational needs. Based on the topics, desired outcomes we select the pricing experts to join the training faculty. The learning programs can by online, virtual live, in person or blended. We can customized any program from our open program portfolio, online program portfolio and of course our open Certified Pricing Manager program portfolio to your internal strengths and opportunities.

We focus every customized program to what your professionals need to learn, to strengthen and therefor meet your objectives.

Do not hesitate to connect with Ripsime Matevosian, Learning & Development Manager, if you need help or addtional information on your program.

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The results is an high quality learning experience, that is customized, interactive and actionable to drive your companies and your teams growth and secure competitive advantage.

Customized Pricing Program for your team


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How we work

Our learning and development managers listen to understand your desired outcomes, design the program - and select the best pricing experts to deliver your programme. The learning manager will follow-up and monitor until the results are delivered.

Our learning designers have a rich expertise in co-creating impactful learning journeys.We start with the impact in mind, the first step is to define what impact and desired outcome we want to achieve with the learning programme. We are looking for impact, not teaching. Impact can be evaluated when the participants return to their daily job and others experience changes in terms of behaviour, skills, and/or mindset.

You will benefit from our excellent and broad network of top pricing trainers across the globe. Our faculty are highly experienced trainers with practical learning expertise to put reflection and learnings into action.
We believe that the quality and impact of learning programs depends on a close collaborative relationship before, during and after programme delivery. Our delivery often includes coaching and project work. Involving the participants in active learning or action learning will increase impact.

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