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Our Tools section gives you access to the Pricing Maturity Assessment (PMI) and more to make things happen.

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PMI - Pricing Maturity Assessment tool (free)

Fill in the EPP Pricing Maturity Indicator (PMI®) - and get a FREE assessment on the "as-is" and "to-be" pricing maturity level with concrete action advice. Get an automatic generated FREE PMI® Report and start your journey to increase your organisational pricing maturity.

The PMI is FREE to use, if you have specific questions, please contact pva@pricingplatform dot com

A-PMI - Pricing Maturity Assessment for aftermarket industry

Due to demand, we have developed an online pricing maturity assesssment specifically for the Aftermarket Industry.

This is a (sharp) priced service to support the aftermarket industry.

Pricing Maturity Playbook

In their struggle to define a concrete and successful pricing maturity roadmap, many organisations contact EPP and ask: where do we need to start, what are the priorities and from whom should we learn : McDonald’s? Bose? 3M? Bayer? Audi? Microsoft? Michelin? Hilti? The Rolling Stones?

Is there a proven path? The answer is yes - and it's about doing the right things - right - at the right moment. This e-book explains a proven roadmap to advance your organisational pricing maturity. It is built on the lessons that EPP has learned through supporting more than 100 certification projects of pricing and monetization managers across industries – and many discussions with pricing software vendors, leading pricing consultants and pricing leaders all over the world.