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The Pricing Roadmap: How to Design B2B SaaS Pricing Models That Your Customers Will Love

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  • Author custom: Ulrik Lehrskov-Schmidt

Pricing can make or break a SaaS company. Get it right and watch your product click with your market, dropping acquisition costs and exploding growth. Get it wrong and join the graveyard of great SaaS products that never turned into great SaaS businesses.

The Pricing Roadmap teaches you how to design pricing models that both your customers and your sales team will love. Learn how to:

  • Create packaging that makes your chief of sales high-five your chief of product
  • Pick pricing metrics that drive demand and expansion
  • Tap into every part of your customers’ budget
  • Validate new pricing before launch and migrate old customers

Written in the trenches of helping hundreds of B2B SaaS businesses, The Pricing Roadmap will help you pour gasoline on the fire of your pricing. Ditch the guesswork with this step-by-step guide to designing SaaS pricing that grows your business—whether you’re a startup, prerevenue venture, or an established market leader.

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Game Changer: How Strategic Pricing Shapes Businesses, Markets, and Society

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  • Author custom: Izaret and Sinha

Many leaders assume that pricing is nothing more than a technical and tactical discipline based on four assumptions: that pricing is a zero-sum game, sellers should extract maximum value, markets set prices, and one "right" price exists. But this is a flawed premise. Pricing is a strategic game based on collaborative growth, value sharing, dynamic opportunities, and strategy.

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Digital Pricing: A Guide to Strategic Pricing for the Digital Economy

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  • Author custom: Frank Frohmann

This is one of the first books to combine the current megatrend of digitalization and pricing as the most effective lever for increasing and sustaining profits. The book presents the basics of digital pricing as well as modeling methods and implementation examples. This structure helps in tackling the latest developments and challenges due to digitalization. Readers will gain a detailed insight into using innovative revenue and price models to generate a sustainable competitive advantage for their companies. The author uses his cross-industry experience to draw on several examples of innovative digital pricing approaches which can be applied in industrial sectors such as automotive, industrial goods and machinery, as well as service sectors like telecommunications, transportation and tourism.

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New Drugs, Fair Prices: Managing the Pharmaceutical Innovation Ecosystem for Sustainable and Affordable New

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  • Author custom: Brian D. Smith

New Drugs, Fair Prices addresses the important question of how we might get the innovative new medicines we need at prices we can afford. Today, this debate is impassioned but sterile. One side calls for price controls, discounting their impact on investment in innovation. The other points to miraculous new therapies, disregarding their affordability and social inequity. This polarized argument creates more heat than light, threatening the social contract between the industry and society on which pharmaceutical innovation depends.

This ground-breaking book takes a wholly new perspective on the issue and raises the debate to a more informed and productive level. Drawing on interviews with more than 70 experts across the pharmaceutical innovation world and combining a diverse literature from scientific, political, economic and business domains, it describes how a sustainable and affordable supply of new medicines is possible only by balancing pharmaceutical innovation’s complex, adaptive ecosystem. By considering how each of the ecosystem’s seven habitats work and interact with the others, it makes a comprehensive set of recommendations for achieving that ecosystem balance.

The core message of New Drugs, Fair Prices is important to anyone who ever has needed or will ever need a medicine: we can have a sustainable supply of new medicines that are both innovative and affordable if we manage the pharmaceutical innovation ecosystem intelligently.

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