Thought Leadership Series

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Thought Leadership Series

EPP Thought Leadership Series bring relevant, actionable, research-backed, new points of view.

The topics are selected and written by pricing body-of-knowledge key influencers.

The EPP 'Thought Leadership Series' content has a focus on ;

  • actuality - topics being discussed or happening in the pricing practice
  • bringing evidence - tending to prove, or disprove, a matter under discussion
  • appropriateness - content that is suitable and increases the likelihood of accomplishing your goals as pricing professional

2023 Edition

Edition 1/2023
Edition 2/2023

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2022 Edition

Edition 1/2022
Edition 2/2022

2020 and 2021 Editions

Edition 1/2020
Edition 1/2021
Edition 2/2021

2019 Editions

Edition 1/2019
Edition 1/2019
Edition 2/2019

2018 Editions

Edition 1/2018
Edition 1/2018
Edition 2/2018
Edition 2/2018

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EPP Pulse Previous Editions

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Empowering the Pricing & RGM Community with Actionable Knowledge

Welcome to our new online pricing publication, EPP Pulse. In today's fast-paced business environment, staying connected and sharing expertise is more important than ever. EPP Pulse is designed to facilitate both aspects, offering relevant content for our community while simultaneously creating opportunities for you to contribute with your own experiences and insights.

2023 Edition


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