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EPP's Certified Pricing Manager 3 –program is expertly designed to accelerate your skills in pricing and is all about ‘value strategy” – Installing Value Strategy based on value innovation, value pricing, - communication and value-selling. The idea is to make a real impact on the pricing maturity development in your organisation. The CPM 3 program is not only an intensive executive program. It is also an intense all-round experience with a group of international and cross-industrial talented peers. The CPM 3 Program is a highly impactful experience, as the certification is based on a successful  business project delivery. The ROI of the CPM certification projects exceed 25x the investment fees !

All EPP Certified Pricing Manager programs are specifically designed around organisational and personal skill cards to perform on the different pricing maturity levels. The starting point of developing your organizational and personal pricing improvements is to assess your pricing maturity using the EPP Pricing Maturity Indicator (PMI®)

The PMI® assessment will provide you with more detailed information about where you are and where you want to be in terms of pricing. The PMI® assessment will also give a good indication of which CPM program would be the right fit for you!

How you benefit

Assess your organisational pricing maturity

Set your right priorities for the next 12 months pricing roadmap

Gain actionable 'know how' and 'know what' to excel with pricing

Realise a ROI of 25x your investment in this CPM program

Install a value strategy and value based pricing

Become the change leader and move towards full value capturing

Become the pricing ambassador in your company

Become a Certified Pricing Manager - Level 3 and get rewarded

Do not hesitate to connect with Ripsime Matevosian, learning & development manager, if you need help or addtional information on your program.

Upcoming CPM3 Classes

The Certified Pricing Manager® 3 program is specifically designed around the organisational and personal skill cards with a focus on “Installing a true value strategy” - based on value innovation, value pricing, - communication and value-selling. 

Upcoming Sessions

Start24 Oct 2023
Duration4 days

Frequently Asked Questions about CPM

What do fees include?
  • certification fee 
  • training fees, all educational materials, access to the EPP online library and its electronic resources, lunches (5) 
    and EPP organised group dinners (4). 

    * It does not cover travel, accommodation or individually organised dinners and other incidentals
Can I combine CPM bookings?

You benefit from a 10 % discount on your next CPM training if you book your upgrade within 12 months.

Do EPP Prime members get savings

Of course !   Log-in with your EPP Prime account first and enjoy the savings (see training programs for the fees).

Do you offer group rates?

Sure.  Joining the CPM programme as a team, or with your pricing colleagues, offer additional benefits (team alignment, reflection, discussions).
We understand that and offer group rates to facilitate your peer learning.

In-classroom prices : 

  • BRING A COLLEAGUE AND GET -15% discount on both tickets
    REGISTER WITH 3 AND GET -20% discount on your tickets

Virtual-live prices :

  • - 10% if you register with 2
    - 15% if you register with 3 

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