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Pricing Maturity Assessment (PMI®) - Aftermarket

Special edition for the Aftermarket Industry

Due to much demand, we have developed an online pricing maturity assesssment specifically for the Aftermarket Industry.

This is a (sharp) priced service to support the aftermarket industry.

There are 2 options : 

  • Option 1 = use of the online pricing maturity assessment tool with delivery of the 'raw' survey results for own analysis : 3K.
    This includes :

    ‘Light’ customisation of the maturity survey
    Link to your personalised A-PMI online survey
    Survey results (raw data of survey delivered in excel, easy to process data).

  • Option 2 : full individualised pricing maturity assessment, inclusive interviews with stakeholders and detailed report with actionable advice to build your pricing maturity roadmap (incl. capability building) : 18 K

Contact Pol Vanaerde - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for info/background.