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Certified Revenue Growth Manager - Winter Edition

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  • Overview

    The EPP's Certified Revenue Growth Manager program is designed to help navigate the unique and real-world challenges of revenue growth management.

    The program is anchored on how to best grow brands and categories using the five levers of revenue growth management: pricing, pack price architecture, product mix, price promotions, and trade investments. Participants will acquire the skills and confidence to immediately apply what they’ve learned and deliver a tangible impact to the business.

    Our Participant Profile

    EPP's Certified Revenue Growth Manager program is designed for professionals tasked with the identification of growth opportunities at all levels within the organization. Whether you are looking to move into a revenue growth management role, want to refresh your knowledge, or are ready to take on greater leadership responsibilities, this immersive program will help you accelerate your professional and personal growth.

    The certification program is designed to help navigate the unique challenges of revenue growth management.


    After completing our interactive on-site certification training, participants are invited to undertake an online certification exam for the Certified Revenue Growth Manager. This exam rigorously evaluates your understanding of essential concepts and your ability to apply this knowledge in practical, real-world situations. Successfully passing the exam not only demonstrates your grasp of the material but also reflects your dedication to achieving excellence. Earning the CRGM certification marks a significant milestone in your professional development, opening doors to enhanced career opportunities and industry recognition.

    Upon successfully finishing the program, you will receive a digital certificate as ‘Certified Revenue Growth Manager’ from EPP Pricing Platform, symbolizing your achievement and expertise.

  • EPP's Certified Revenue Growth Manager (CRGM) program is designed to help navigate the unique and real-world challenges of revenue growth management. The program is anchored on how to best grow brands and categories using the five levers of revenue growth management: pricing, pack price architecture, product mix, price promotions, and trade investments. 

    Program Modules:

    Module 1: RGM Strategy & Annual Planning

    Learn how to convert your business objectives into RGM strategic priorities and annual plans to prepare for customer negotiations.

    • Learn how to translate business objectives into a set of strategic priorities.
    • Understand the role RGM teams can play in long- and short-term commercial planning.
    • Examine what constitutes a good long- and short-term RGM Plan.
    • Discuss common pitfalls and best practices when integrating RGM into the annual commercial
      planning cycle.

    Module 2: Market Diagnostics

    Gain a comprehensive understanding of the business challenges that can prevent you from achieving your strategic priorities.

    • Disentangle the key drivers of brand and category growth and the metrics used to quantify them.
    • Gain a conceptual understanding of how the key drivers of brand growth vary as brands become more mature.
    • Learn tools that can help you link business challenges to strategic priorities.
    • Discuss how to get consensus on key challenges & opportunities across marketing & sales teams.

    Module 3: Brand Portfolio Pricing

    Learn how to maximize the value that can be extracted from your portfolio by setting a strategic price ambition across brands.

    •  Discover how to assign roles to each brand in the portfolio using strategic priorities.
    •  Understand the behavioral factors that drive shoppers’ purchase decisions.
    •  Gain techniques to triangulate the optimal price position for your brands.
    •  Explore how to leverage price, assortment, price promotions, and trade investments to achieve desired price positions.

    Module 4: Pack Price Architecture

    Craft a portfolio based on shopper preferences enabling you to target specific growth drivers.

    • Understand how consumption occasions can be leveraged to improve the availability of your brands.
    • Explore how to assign roles to product groups and pack sizes to help target prioritized growth.
    • Learn how to map core price points and pack sizes across channels to identify shopper buying patterns.
    • Experience how to craft a differentiated destination assortment across channels.

    Module 5: Product Mix & Availability

    Short-list the products that can maximize your profitability across distinct demand segments.

    • Acquire methods to segment the portfolio based on profitable growth potential.
    • Explore how to augment product rankings with shopper decision trees, demand segments, and or price tiers.
    • Create customer-level physical availability optimization plans.
    • Anchor availability optimization plans in joint business development plans.

    Module 6: Trade Promotions

    Optimize trade promotions by linking mechanics to brand jobs to be done and maximizing return on investment.

    • Map brand & category growth jobs to be done (e.g. penetration, volume per trip, and purchase frequency).
    • Link promotional mechanics to pack roles and specific jobs to be done.
    • Evaluate the return on investment of promotional events to determine the effectiveness of price promotions.
    • Optimize annual promotional plans and calendars based on jobs to be done and effective price promotions.

    Module 7: Trade Investments

    Create joint business development plans based on customer-specific growth strategies and pay-for-performance counterparts.

    • Map the profit pool to quantify how the value is divided between retailers and manufacturers.
    • Segment customers based on sales performance and strategic alignment.
    • Craft customer-specific investment strategies that support category & brand growth plans.
    • Link trade investment to joint business development plans and pay for performance contract counterparts.

    Module 8: Trade Stories

    Craft compelling trade stories that can help you land growth initiatives in the market.

    • Explore how to demonstrate you understand the business challenges and strategies of your trade partners.
    • Discuss how to detail what benefits your initiatives will bring to the manufacturer, customer, and shopper.
    • Examine what types of evidence can be leveraged to help substantiate claims about the impact of your initiatives on category value.
    • Discover behavioral-based techniques to create engaging and compelling stories.

  • Avatar

    Revenue Growth Management
    Pim Kneepkens

    Pim Kneepkens has extensive experience in the consumer goods industry as a practitioner, consultant, and turnaround manager. Pim is the co-founder of RGM Consulting, a double-digit growing consulting firm specializing in all things revenue growth management. In his role as RGM practitioner Pim has led a team of 15+ internal engagement leads, consultants, and analysts that were responsible for the creation of RGM strategies in home care, personal care, and food & beverages markets across the globe. During this time Pim has enabled the identification of 700 M/€ of incremental revenue and 300 M/€ of incremental gross profit opportunities through 150+ projects. Additionally, Pim was the RGM lead for the Netherlands during which he created the long-term RGM strategy, drove the integration of RGM in core business planning processes, and designed automated RGM dashboards.


    Revenue Growth Management
    Elias Gerges

    Elias Gerges is the co-founder of RGM Consulting, a rapidly expanding consulting firm that specializes in the realm of revenue growth management. With a wealth of international experience garnered from his roles at Deloitte Consulting, Unilever, and PepsiCo, Elias possesses deep expertise in Strategy and RGM. He is recognized for his adeptness in strategic thinking, combined with a hands-on approach and a robust negotiating skillset that centers around a win-win philosophy. Elias has assumed leadership roles in significant global initiatives, overseeing diverse cross-functional and international teams across North America, LATAM, Europe, Africa, and Asia. In his most recent capacity as the Revenue Strategy Director for Northern Europe at PepsiCo, Elias was instrumental in orchestrating both strategic and annual commercial planning cycles. Moreover, he played a pivotal role in bridging the gap between revenue strategy and commercialization teams, thereby facilitating the creation of compelling trade narratives that optimally positioned RGM initiatives for maximum impact.


    Category Management and Shopper Marketing
    Bert Vandewiele

    Bert has 15 years of experience both as a practitioner and consultant in consumer goods, retail, and consulting. where he worked for both retailers and consumer goods companies. Bert is the co-founder of Chronion, a boutique consulting firm specialized in customer-centric growth, and Rootit, an analytical platform for revenue growth managers. Bert brings in-depth expertise in trade spend optimization and trade promotion optimization, but as an all-around expert in Revenue Growth Management can connect the dots and leverage his expertise and experience in Category management, Trade & shopper marketing, Customer segmentation, and Value proposition design.


  • Dates & Fees

    Start : 19 Nov 2024 at 09:00
    Duration : 4 days
    Location : Brussels (Van der Valk hotel - Brussels Airport)
    Fees : €5350.00


    15% discount if you register with 2
    25 % discount if you register with 3 or more
    10% discount for our CPM Alumni
    €300 discount on certification programs for EPP Prime Members
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    Hotel info

    The CRGM Program takes place in the Van der Valk hotel - Brussels Airport. This design hotel with a garden terrace is only 3 km from Brussels Airport and 15 minutes’ drive from the city centre.


    EPP has secured a preferential room rate for the attendees. To make your reservation, please contact and use the reference BRU-GF43716. This offer is only available until 19th October 2024, so early booking is advised.


    Hotel Brussels Airport,  Culliganlaan 4b, 1831 Diegem, Diegem

    • Please note that the program fee does not include travel expenses, accommodation, individually organized dinners and other incidentals.
    • VAT shall apply at prevailing rates according to local (country of training) laws and regulations.
    • We try to negotiate special hotel rates if possible - please ask the hotel for the best rates.
    • If you have special requests, please connect with
    • Please note that EPP reserves the right to cancel or postpone events/sessions, or alter the country, location or venue in case of force-majeur, unforeseen circumstances, or if minimum registration numbers are not met. In case of such cancellation, postponement or alteration by EPP, registrants will receive a rollover credit for attendance at the rescheduled sessions.
    • For more information we refer to our Terms and Conditions.