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EPP Thought Leadership Series 3/2018

Edition 3/2018 : Biosimilar pricing in Europe

When a biosimilar enters the market, the reference drug tends to drop in price in the face of competition, whether through internal or external reference pricing or health technology assessment. Janssen’s Remicade (infliximab) serves as the vessel for this exploration into the ways in which European Union Member States, particularly the EU5, have managed the pricing of biosimilars. Germany and the United Kingdom allow free pricing of biosimilars, albeit discounts are expected, whereas France is keen on mandated price cuts and Italy utilizes reference pricing; these procedures serve as a microcosmic representation of biosimilar pricing schemes among Member States.

The EPP® Thought Leadership Series provide insights from pricing leaders around the globe. When a new insight breaks, these pricing leaders already think of the unanswered questions and the story behind the story.  These people want to inspire you to act - to take the next step in your journey. With these series, we help to take the right actions.

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